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Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2011’

  • Dataium Webinar Hosted by Brian Pasch

    I have written a number of articles which share my opinion that Dataium will dramatically change the way car dealers will operate their online business. Here is one article:  Dataium Business Intelligence Tools Dataium’s cloud intelligence data and reporting tools will revolutionize CRM systems as …

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  • Are You Ready To Audit Your Advertising Budget and Adjust Your Strategy With My Help?

    As we approach the last quarter of 2011 it is a great time to stop and ask if YOUR advertising strategy is yielding the best results for the money they invest.  We’ve been told to review our personal investment portfolios each quarter but do you carefully inspect the …

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  • ZMOT and PODScore: The Connection

    Many of you may remember that bbout a year ago, PCG Digital Marketing coined a term PODScore to help businesses understand how much “brand leakage” happened in a simple search for their name online. (you can find more about PODscore at We had a …

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  • Clean Up Your Google Analytics Data For Better Decision Making

    Last week I posted an article to show dealers how to update Google Places to create a measurement for the number of clicks to your website you get inside of Google Analytics. (Read Part I) This code will help “clean-up” the visitor traffic reports that …

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