On August 14, 2011 an amazing team of digital marketing and social media experts will be coming to St. Louis to offer dealers the opportunity to refine their advertising and marketing strategy.

The recent changes with Google Places make a strong case why dealers need a marketing strategy that is continually updated based on market conditions.  Your strategy must be fluid and flexible to adapt to change.

I’ve been flooded this week with calls and emails asking for guidance on how to adjust Internet Reputation Management (IRM) processes since Google cleaned up their star counting policy. This is a major opportunity for dealers who adapt first.

Google Places is not the only digital marketing opportunity that has changed recently. There are a dozen major shifts that we have seen this year that impact a dealer’s operating strategy and budget.

Fluid or Inflexible?

  • Are you properly identifying customers with Google accounts?
  • What are you doing to have your digital assets tagged with +1?
  • Are you using the Google Authorship tag in your blog posts?
  • Are you preparing for your Google+ brand page?
  • What is your strategy to build mobile text marketing lists?
  • Are you leveraging ALL of the opportunities to remarket to your monthly unique visitors?

Without a winning strategy, dealers will be wasting time, money, and losing competitive opportunities.

Jim Flint To Speak in St Louis

We are also pleased to have Jim Flint from the John Eagle Group speaking in St Louis. He’ll be sharing how his Dealer Group has changed their automotive advertising budgets and strategies to be more effective this year.

Jim will share what got cut and what stayed in the budget. This will be an eye opening discussion that smart dealers will not want to miss.

Dealers should reserve their hotel rooms and register for St. Louis this week. We also also proud to be jointly promoting this event with the St. Louis Automobile Dealers Association, a great partner in advocating education for Missouri car dealers.

So book a flight, drive your car, or walk over to the conference on Sunday August 14th and make the decision to build a smarter and more efficient marketing strategy for your dealership.

The workshop schedule can be found on the link below. See you in St. Louis and all dealers that register in advance can request a free digital marketing evaluation with a report delivered to you at the conference.