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Are You Properly Merchandising Your Products and Services?

During this Zero Moment of Truth age of digital marketing, a dealership’s online inventory has become their digital showroom. Just like your lot and your showroom are properly merchandised, your website needs to be, too.

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Trouble Responding as an Owner on Google Places?

Have you had an issue with Google Places recently? Some users have been asking questions as to why the “respond publicly as the owner” feature has disappeared from Google Places pages – and PCG has an answer.

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Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Engagement

Getting an audience to engage in online conversation through social media is a big battle that businesses struggle with. As a social media marketer, I’ve learned how to challenge myself on a daily basis to provide my audience with attention-grabbing […]

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Google Launches Knowledge Graph to Optimize Searches

The Knowledge Graph is the latest change in Google’s search engine optimization. With this latest change, Google is trying to understand the relationships between key words to better understand your search. This concept is trying to reflect collective human wisdom, […]

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Publishing User and Viewer Friendly Videos for Your Audience

Have you ever wanted to rent a movie until you realized that it was three hours long and you knew that you’d fall asleep on the couch way before it was over? Well, while online videos are much, much shorter, […]

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Don’t Fear Your New Digital Face

Hiring a blogger or social media specialist doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Choosing the right candidate will help your company reach more people online.

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PCG Digital Marketing Speaks at Job Fair for People With Disabilities

PCG Digital Marketing (PCG) joined in this year’s JFK Career Options Day specifically for people with disabilities. The JFK Career Options Day was held April 17, 2012 to help those with disabilities gain job experience and find desirable career opportunities.  […]

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A New Video Platform Showing on Page One: Vimeo

Video platform Vimeo has been spotted on Google Page One! Create your own testing system to utilize both Vimeo and YouTube.

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Mobilize Your Advertising Before It's Too Late

A recent study found that found 23% of all time spent on the internet was through mobile devices.By using a separate campaign for mobile device targeting, you can identify how people are clicking on your site.

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Connecting with Influencers Online and Offline

Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing channels for car dealers. To reach the most people, reach out to key industry influencers to jump start your word of mouth marketing.

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