PCG Digital Marketing is proud to announce that they have been selected to provide specialized digital marketing strategies and Internet Marketing support to Freshpet, a leading provider for fresh, healthy pet food.

PCG Digital Marketing will strategize and execute Internet marketing campaigns which will include implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies, blogging, writing and publishing online press releases, content development and managing Social Media activities on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Additional PCG services will include link building, video optimization, customer review posting, Google SEO compliance and maintaining Google Maps and Analytics.

Freshpet Joins PCG Digital Marketing To Enhance Digital Marketing Strategies Freshpet

Freshpet has been able to turn their dream of creating fresh, healthy pet food into a reality. A dream that started seven years ago, the founders of Freshpet set out to provide actual, fresh food that is cooked and not processed. After much researching and planning, the makers of Freshpet found a way to make a new generation of pet food.

High-quality, nutritious and delicious food, designed expressly for pets, is what makes Freshpet a better pet food company. Our food is made with pets’ caloric, metabolic and instinctual needs in mind. Customers can rest easy knowing our pet food is always fresh!

To learn more about Freshpet, visit us online or call 866-789-FRESH today!