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Post-Sale Customer Service is Not a Fad

By John Fraze

Good customer service is no longer only about making a good sale and pushing a happy customer out the door. It’s about gently escorting that happy customer out the door and letting them know you’ll be there if they need anything, AKA, keeping them happy.

Now, I work in the automotive marketing industry by day but at night I’d like to think I’m a musician. I was surfing one of the largest bass guitar forums around and I came across a complaint thread:

An unsatisfied consumer came by the forum to write about a bad experience they had with a Markbass product (Markbass is a producer of bass guitar amplifiers and speakers). A few other folks from the community chimed in and then someone from Markbass dropped by:

It turned out that Markbass was doing their job in the first place but they found this unhappy customer ANYWAY just to let them know that they are here to help. As far as I can tell, Markbass is in no way associated with the Talkbass forum. This leads me to the conclusion that Markbass regularly monitors this forum for talk about their product.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how you take care of business. Post-sale customer service is not a fad. It is the new way of doing business and it is a cross-industry business model update. This is the Zero Moment of Truth in action. If I were in the market for some new bass gear, seeing this type of customer service would definitely tip the scales in favor of Markbass.

You should apply this type of strategy to your dealership and service center by keeping an eye on local forums as well as your social media. Some areas have a huge base of auto fans that frequent any number of forums from the local to national level. Forums are an untapped oasis of connections with customers that might be a fan of your brand.

Take some time today to do a quick Google search and find out where the gear heads and car fans in your area hang out online. They could be talking about you right now. You should be steering this conversation to display you in the most positive light possible so as to take proper advantage of the Zero Moment of Truth strategy. Remember first and foremost that this is not about promoting an image of good customer service but about truly being a customer service leader for your brand, in your community and among your fans and customers.

If you are interested in finding out how to be a true thought-leader in your industry and would like to learn about connecting with your customer base during the Zero Moment of Truth, check out the upcoming Automotive Boot Camp at or contact Carrie Hemphill for more information at

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