By Dmitriy Gamarnik

Everyone knows that Google loves content as much as the Cookie Monster loves cookies. Google eats it up. If done correctly, creating new and relevant content can help drive traffic to your website and improve your website’s SEO ranking. That is why here at PCG Digital Marketing we always recommended to our clients to create and maintain a company blog. Blogs are indexed more frequently by Google spiders than a regular website.

So why don’t more people do it? To begin with, creating fresh and relevant content for a blog is easier said than done. Coming up with fresh content week in and week out can become a headache. We all have experienced hitting a wall and getting writer’s block, or as I like to call it, blogger’s block. It is a helpless feeling that I would not wish on anyone.

Have no fear! Take a deep breath and keep reading because today I will share with you some techniques I have used to get the creative juices flowing.

1. News Websites

In the morning, I like to read news websites like Yahoo or CNN to keep up with news at home and around the world. Not only do these sites keep me informed, but they usually provide me with industry events that I can write blog post about.

2. Q&A Websites

This is one of my favorite techniques to find ideas to blog about. I type in a relevant keyword phrase into a Q&A site like Quora and review the type of questions people are asking. From there I find a question that I can turn into a interesting and useful blog post.

3. Reviews

Every industry has something to review on a monthly basis. Whether it is a new product, service or book, there is no reason why not to write a review post.

4. Comment Section

Like many of people, I have a set of blogs I like to visit weekly to keep up with industry news. Well these blogs are also a pool of ideas. After reading an article I also read the comment section for comments or questions that I can use for blog ideas.

5. Update a Popular Post

Go through your old post that were popular and dust them off. There’s a good change that there have been major updates since last time you wrote on the topic.

6. Ask Your Clients

I like using every resource around me for inspiration and ideas. Clients are that great resource. Ask them what they would like to read next from you. This can be accomplished through a newsletter or just posting the question on a blog post and letting your visitors place their answers in the comment section.

7. Industry Weekly Sum Ups

Summing weekly industry news is a fun and interesting post for Fridays. It is easy and it will help you build yourself as an news outlet. Visitors who didn’t have the chance to keep up with industry news can catch all the important stories on one post.

8. Case Studies

Visitors love to read about successful strategies and case studies. Use your blog to publicize and spread them. Posting case studies can only benefit you. They demonstrate expertise and are helpful in turning potential customers into new clients.

9. Use Your Co-Workers

Talk to your co-workers. I bet they have a few ideas of what topic would make a great post but they don’t have the time to write it. So volunteer to write it and don’t forget to share the credit.

10. Top Ten List

Top ten list are not for late night comedy shows anymore – I’m talking to you, David Letterman. Everyone loves reading top ten articles today. So write one every month for you followers. They are quick and very popular.

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