PCG Digital Marketing (PCG) joined in this year’s JFK Career Options Day specifically for people with disabilities.

The JFK Career Options Day was held April 17, 2012 to help those with disabilities gain job experience and find desirable career opportunities.  The event shows attendees how to build their resume, seek out available jobs and offers insight into the different areas of the workforce where their skills could be put to use.

Steve Murphy, Marketing Strategist for PCG spoke to attendees about the rise of Social Media Marketing and how the industry can be an exciting area of growth for potential job seekers.

“Many people who love to be on Facebook and Twitter all day are surprised to learn that they can make their passion their profession,” Murphy says.  “A career in Social Media Marketing is exciting, ever-changing and most of all fun.  This is a great career path for anyone who is interested in customer service, generating new ideas and learning more online.”

People with disabilities remain unemployed at a rate nearly double the national average. Their participation rate in the labor force is only about 20 percent, compared to nearly 70 percent for people without disabilities, according to March statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The JFK Career Options Day has been held each year for nearly three decades.  Organized by JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, it is one of the ways the institute helps people with disabilities get job experience and put them in jobs.

For information on a career in Social Media marketing at PCG Digital Marketing, please email Steve Murphy at steve.murphy@pcgmailer.com