Have you ever used a search engine only to find that the results were irrelevant to your search term or idea? Have you always wanted Google and other search engines to recognize what you’re searching for? As noted by a colleague in a previous blog post, Google has recently begun rolling out the Knowledge Graph, their latest initiative in search engine optimization.

According to Google, the Knowledge Graph was created to breach the next frontier of search. Essentially, we as users are no longer searching for web pages but searching for ideas, concepts, answers, and anything else that piques our curiosity. Google has created a search engine that is smarter than the typical search engine. Users can now type in whatever they are looking for and get not only relevant search results, but find out what other people are searching for and more.

How Does the Knowledge Graph Affect My Business?

Even though you get different information from the Knowledge Graph when searching for a person, business, place, concept, and others, the basic concept can be seen regardless of search. The Knowledge Graph will take an Internet snapshot of your business, ranging from your Google review score to other Internet reviews to relevant information about the business like what it is you do, your hours of operation, and other pertinent information.

In this example, I did a search for a local restaurant with a generic name. Here is a screenshot of what the Knowledge Graph shows for the restaurant:

google knowledge graph

As you can see from the screen shot, Google has understood that you are searching for a specific restaurant and has gathered a host of information from all over the Internet to compile a visual profile of the business.

For this particular restaurant, Google has gathered together a Maps visual of the location of the restaurant, some pictures of the restaurant, the Google reviews score and how many reviews have been written, the price range, hours, modes of transportation, where to find the menu, and reviews from other sites.

In this case, the Knowledge Graph is able to tell a potential customer the basics of the business in one small capsule, giving them all of the information they need to decide on whether they want to eat here, compare restaurants, or recommend the restaurant to others.

So What Steps Should Businesses Take To Affect The Knowledge Graph?

While the example I showed you brought up proper and correct information about the business, it doesn’t mean that your business will showcase the information you want. There are a few things to look into to make sure that your business displays the right and pertinent information. Here are a few steps to ensure your business promotes a positive image on Google’s Knowledge Graph:

  • Ensure your Google+ Local and Google+ pages are in order: As displayed in the business example above, Google is taking information from a variety of sources to create that snippet view of your business. For the most part, this information comes from Google’s own sources, like Google+ Local. They are taking your reviews score, number of reviews, basic description, store hours, and photos all from the Google+ Local and Google+ business pages. Businesses that don’t maintain their Google+ Local page or Google+ page are susceptible to having wrong or improper information show up for their business.
  • Correct Maps listing: Google can take information from your Maps listing when including your website, address, or phone number so it’s imperative to have to those pointing to the right places.
  • Claim Your Internet Reviews and Listings: The Knowledge Graph will not only include Google’s reviews but also takes reviews from sites related to the business. If you own a car dealership, the Knowledge Graph will display links to reviews from DealerRater or Yelp. Furthermore, Google may also take information from sites like YellowPages and other places that have listings. To ensure the proper information is collected, try to claim these pages so you have control over the information that is put out there about your business.

Embrace the Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph is your friend and can be extremely beneficial to your business. Showcasing great reviews, fun and friendly pictures of your business and pertinent information will give the user a reason to click through to your site as well as use your business.

The Knowledge Graph is an impressive advancement in the technology of Google and will only be built up and perfected over the coming weeks, months, and years. Not only is it a new frontier for search engines but a new frontier for users and businesses. Is your business ready?

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By John Feeley