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Brian Pasch, Active Engage Live Chat Powers Google Adwords Beta Test for Volkswagen

Google is testing live chat ad extensions for paid search. Brian includes an overview of both the beta and the Active Engage chat service.

John Feeley, The Meaning Behind the Top-Level Domain Expansion

John explains what top level domains are all about, what it takes to get one and why it is beneficial to have one. A top level domain of your own can add legitimacy to your brand.

Dmitriy Gamarnik, Google Adwords Remarketing Just Got a Lot Simpler

Dmitriy outlines improvements to Google’s remarketing code and campaign setup. New updates will make it easier to create audience groups.

Ben Jones, Post Your Video Where It Will be Seen and Shared

Ben Jones outlines the importance of targeting your audience through video marketing and advertising. Posting in the right place will get your video seen by a more interested audience.

Patrick Hanlon, Is Facebook’s Credibility Eroding?

News on the performance of Facebook ads as well as information on a study of blank ad click throughs on other ad networks. Is Facebook failing advertisers?

Mirand Miller, Google Buys Facebook Marketing Company Wildfire

Google has purchased Wildfire, a Facebook marketing company, and has gained access to heaps of Facebook marketing studies and the Facebook API.

Dave Regals, SEM Metrics That Really Matter

“As search marketers, we often talk about the same metrics over and over – CPA/CPL, ROI/ROAS, etc. No matter what vertical we’re working in, most of our optimizations are based on a “cost per” or “return on” model. I say “most,” because more and more search is being used for softer metrics like user engagement.”

Thom Craver, Bing Adds Facebook Friend Tagging to Search

Bing is again following in Google’s footsteps by adding social to search- you can now tag Facebook friends in the sidebar to show them searches and results.

Christian Goodrich, Top Techniques for Improving SEO

“Techniques for improving SEO are constantly changing with search engines regularly refining how they understand and rank websites. So here are some tips on how to give search engines a greater understanding of your website and the keyword phrases you are targeting.”

Graham Baylis, Using Pinterest to Promote Your Web Site

Pinterest is a powerful tool that all website owners should take advantage of to promote their website: share pictures and videos of products, staff, workspace, etc. Don’t use it as an advertising board- be subtle.

Google, Introducing the Structured Data Dashboard

“To provide webmasters with greater visibility into the structured data that Google knows about for their website, we’re introducing today a new feature in Webmaster Tools – the Structured Data Dashboard. The Structured Data Dashboard has three views: site, item type and page-level.”

Tom Scmitz, What Everyone Needs To Know About Good, Bad & Bland Links

Demystification of the different types of links and more information what kind can help or hinder your success. Some links are good, some are bad and some are ignored.

Jordan Kasteler, Helping or Hurting: The Debate Over Google+ Local

Info on what Google+ Local is bringing to the table for SEO and digital marketing. In theory it is fantastic, in practice it can be buggy and confusing for consumers.

Brian Honigman, 8 Ways to Use 15 Second Videos to Connect With Your Customers

The importance of video in advertising and marketing is becoming more and more apparent. Use some of these methods to promote yourself or your brand with very short videos. Sharing events, milestones and behind the scenes glimpses are all covered.

AJ Kumar, 3 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings

You can improve Search Ranking with Social by using social networks to generate strong content ideas, encourage backlink building and by building a social media following to reduce reliance on natural search traffic.

Stephanie Sammons, 7 Ways to Drive More Blog Traffic Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn profiles can drive a lot of great blog taffic. You can harness the power of linked in by adding profile links, using LinkedIn on the go, using the LinkedIn share button and more.

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