When I first picked up the book titled UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, I knew that my reading experience would be a page-turning, in-depth look into how marketing has changed for every business including for car dealers since the advent of the Internet, specifically social media, and I was definitely right.

Right from the start, author Scott Stratten states his philosophy about UnMarketing, orUnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. anytime someone talks about your company, with it being “if you believe your business is built on relationships, make building them your business.” For car dealers, being able to make and maintain relationships is key since a customer commits more time to the search of their new car than almost any other purchase.

It’s obvious that auto shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that they trust. Stratten points out early on that pricing should not be the primary factor in building trust, which I agree with since many online reviews of car dealers talk about their customer service experience when buying their vehicle.

As a content writer at PCG Digital Marketing, I know that writing good, relevant content is key for car dealers who are looking to earn more trust among potential customers. Stratten goes as far as saying that content is king since people don’t want to waste their time and only want to read the most valuable content that will educate them about the product your company offers, whether it’s the latest car or a service that is currently being discounted.

It’s important that you’re honest and transparent on all social media platforms and to only provide content that you would feel comfortable having your face, company name, company logo and/or phone number next to. Every online presence represents your brand, even if it’s an apology to a not-so-satisfied customer leaving a review on your Facebook wall, on a testimonial site, on Google+ or in under 140 characters on Twitter.

Stratten presents his viral marketing philosophy with real-life examples from his work experience as the president of Un-Marketing. His lighthearted yet informative approach makes the book an easy read and a great learning tool to help enhance the way you market your car dealer online.

I feel that his most important lesson is to be immediate and relevant with responses online to ensure that your customers (and potential customers) know that you care. There are definitely many more valuable lessons that Stratten teaches including, but not limited to, not using automated tweets on Twitter, thinking about how the auto market prefers to get their information and using social media to interact rather than sell cars.

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By Chris Keuling