Each week, PCG Digital Marketing recaps all the stories you missed in digital marketing, SEO, and technology:

Glenn Pasch, What Kind of Business Do You Want to Run?

Glenn explains the benefits of treating each day of work as running a business:

“Each of us every day should ask ourselves if we are looking at what we do as running our own business and following our processes in order to deliver the customer experience the company is offering – or if we doing it our own way.”

Christine Rochelle, Email to Be Feature in Google Search Results

Christine shares a new feature of Google search in which e-mails from G-mail can show up in search on a sidebar. This could be a benefit to deals- by having a customer on your mailing list, they might come up in search when they continue to look for a car to purchase.

Steve Murphy, A CLEAR Path to Better SEO

Steve Murphy outlines the importance of a killer SEO strategy. CLEAR is an acronym for content, link building, engagement, architecture and reporting. By following the formula outline in the article you can dominate search.

Chris Keuling, Book Review: UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Chris reviews Scott Stratten’s book UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging and uncovers an in-depth look at marketing in the digital age.

Google Webmaster Blog, Website Testing & Google Search

Google has some important information on website testing: “We’ve gotten several questions recently about whether website testing—such as A/B or multivariate testing—affects a site’s performance in search results. We’re glad you’re asking, because we’re glad you’re testing! A/B and multivariate testing are great ways of making sure that what you’re offering really appeals to your users.”

Snarayanasamy, A Visual Guide to Rich Snippets

A very nicely put together infographic that explains what rich snippets are, how to use them and how they can benefit you by drawing attention to your work, providing info on the query and increasing CTR.

George Aspeland, Video Content for Ecommerce Sites = Improved Search Results + Increase Sales

The author explains the benefits of using videos to captivate customers. Videos can help shoppers make buying decisions, add expertise value to your product and/or brand, make your page look more unique and more.

Electricmice, Is Your Linkbuilding Working? How to Easily Check Using Webmaster Tools and Pivot Chart

“Is all that time spent doing linkbuilding helping you acquire links faster than you would acquire them without linkbuilding? This guide will help you determine if the rate with which your site is acquiring links is any different than the rate your site acquires links naturally.”


Scott Brinker, Framing Landing Pages in the Bigger Picture

The author suggests taking a step back to see the bigger picture of landing pages and increase their usefulness. Don’t limit yourself to the small view of a single, too-succinct, overly confined landing page! You could be losing out.

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