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Glenn Pasch, The Power of the Second Thank You

Glenn explains the importance of differentiating yourself through exemplary customer service in the
marketplace. The Second Thank You is a way to remind customers that you truly care and it will keep them coming back for more!

Christine Rochelle, Did We Make a Big Google Mistake?

Christine explores the recent Google review loss epidemic and reads deep into the terms and conditions and decides that Google is a free reviews platform and can’t be held responsible for reviews issues. Do we start over or keep fighting? Respond after the jump. 

Shawn Hoagland, An Unsung Hero – the WordPress Plugin

Shawn expands on the realms of WordPress beyond writing and posting: the Plugin. There is a universe of free plugins out there that anyone can install and test out almost instantly. Some examples include Login LockDown, Search and Replace and WP-DBManager.

Wes Germain, Take Advantage of the Second Largest Search Engine: Youtube

YouTube is the second top search engine in the US.  Every second, an hour of video content is uploaded to YouTube. Don’t get left in the dust: learn how to include YouTube in your SEO strategy today.

Miranda Miller, Geolocation Changes Google Keyword Rankings 69% of the Time

Get your geotargeted SEO strategies in gear because it can change from area to area: “In 69 percent of cases where a company’s website ranks in the top 30 on Google for one location, it doesn’t rank for that keyword across all other locations, according to a new report from Linkdex. “

Emma Barnett, Google No Longer Pushing Google+ Results Says Search Chief

After scrutiny and criticism from some of the other social giants Google is pulling promotion of its own Google+ results from search. Search chief says: “I think it’s a learning process – even for us. We experiment, we learn, we improve – that’s what Google does.”

Stoney deGeyter, 10 Ways to Create Engaging Content for Action

Content can help your website be a top sales tool for you. Stoney deGeyter outlines a clear cut plan to create engaging content that inspires action. Calling the consumer to action is key to guiding them to your business!

Dan Zarella, New Data: The Correlations Between Social Sharing and Inbound Links

Dan Zarella explores new data on social sharing and inbound links. The study shows that LinkedIn provides some of the strongest links. It may seem like the less obvious choice over Facebook and Twitter but be warned: Don’t neglect LinkedIn!

Danny Goodwin, Spotlight Keynote with Matt Cutts

Danny Goodwin reports in from SES San Francisco 2012 as Matt Cutts, joined by Media Global VP Mike Grehan, discuss Panda, Penguin, social signals, duplicate content, transparency and more.

Cyrus Shepard, How Optimizing My Ugly Google+ Pic Increased Free Traffic 35%

Cyrus Shepard shares an important lesson on using photos in search: they can increase or decrease traffic. His test coverd only his author photo on Google search but can be applied across all social mediums. Using an attractive photo(s) is a strategy!

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