Each week, PCG Digital Marketing recaps all the stories you missed in Internet marketing, SEO, and technology:

Brian Pasch, Google+ Local Reviews Whitepaper and Video 

Brian breaks down the basics of his twenty-page whitepaper on Google+ Local updates and changes in review collection strategy via video and offers a free download of the whole document.

Glenn Pasch, How to Bring Calm to a Difficult Customer Effectively

Glenn outlines the steps one should take to handle a customer that is on the edge of a breakdown. It is important to always keep cool and remember: You can’t outyell a yeller!

Wes Germain, The Routine of the Successful

Wes doles out great tips on time management. Some say there isn’t enough time in the day and some take longer on tasks but neither of these excuses holds. Learn how to properly manage time now! 

Ben Jones, Take Your videos to the Next Level With iPhone Accessories 

Resident video expert Ben Jones reviews some of the hottest iPhone accessories that can help improve your video strategy. In 2012 there is no need to blow $1,000’s on a video camera when you have a smart phone!

John Fraze, The Internet is the New Television

John delves into some numbers from viewership during the Mars rover landing and concludes that the internet is attracting larger quantities of more engaged visitors. Take advantage of advertising opportunities online that can reach more people for less! 

KPA, Everything You Ever Needed to Know About SEO & The SEO Industry

KPA has produced a veritable timeline and dictionary for SEO and the SEO industry. Check out this infographic to absorb copious amounts of info on SEO to apply to your own strategy.

EvolvingSEO, Ten Painless Tactics to Earn Attention on Twitter

“Twitter is similar to passing signs at full speed on the highway. How do you get your signs (tweets) noticed and read? How can your profile stand out from the rest? For many, Twitter can be a fun and exciting, yet illusive and challenging social media platform. This Whiteboard Friday (to be followed by a Whiteboard Plus and Moz YouTube post) includes ten Twitter tactics for you to put to good use.”

Google, Site Errors Breakdown

Google Webmaster tools has announced a new and more detailed version of its Site Errors report for webmasters. Errors are broken down by each category into more specific errors.

Louise Julig, 4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Site Traffic

Four important tips to increasing site traffic through blogging: Buy-in from the top up, make it easy for everyone to contribute, empower a content officer and make it fun and rewarding.

Barry Schwartz, Google Algorithm Update on August 28th

Barry Schwartz cites some big changes in keyword ranking and site traffic on August 29th  from many SEOs and suspects a change in the search algorithm. Check back for more info as it is available.