Each week, PCG Digital Marketing recaps all the stories you missed in Internet marketing, SEO, and technology:

Brian Pasch, Cobalt Expands SEM and Display Offerings with PowerSearch and PowerBrand

Brian reflects on dealer needs and desires in the paid search and remarketing departments and Cobalt offers up a solution: PowerSearch and PowerBrand. These tools will give dealers the edge in their internet advertising with customizable and flexible campaign creation.

Brian Pasch, How to Easily Generate More Referrals to Increase Sales and CSI

Brian explains Paul Sansone’s new app, EZ Referral Network: “Paul’s platform leverages mobile technology and happy customers to drive in a steady stream of referrals.  The platform has also been implemented as a fundraising tool for churches and non-profit organizations.”

Brittany Richter, Google+ and Google+ Local Tie the Knot

Brittany writes about the long awaited merged of G+ and G+ Local. She covers, in depth, the history of both products, what the merge looks like, how you can make your pages merge and what this all means for dealers and business owners.

John Fraze, Increase the Relevance of Your Google Ads by Using Keyword Matching

John takes on Google AdWords advanced matching options. Advanced keyword matching options are a vital part of a good PPC campaign: refining your campaigns can increase you quality score and decrease your spend.

Lisa Salabritas, How to Write Effective Web Content

Lisa tackles the task of writing great web content again from a different angle. She explains how to write and format your content posts to be as engaging and attractive as possible.

Zach Rodgers, Partners Share Results as Facebook Exchange Exits Beta

Zach Rodgers examines data released from FBX beta users and finds “Facebook Exchange dramatically increases the amount of “brand safe” inventory available through RTB during 9-5 working hours…and acquisition costs are substantially lower through FBX than through other programmatic channels…”

Paddy Moogan, Common Technical SEO Problems and How to Solve Them

Paddy Moogan covers some technical issues and their solutions such as uppercase and lowercase URL conflict, multiple version of a homepage, query parameters at the end of URLs, soft 404’s, 302 redirects, broken/outdated sitemaps and more.

Matt McGee, Google Algorithm Changes, Mobile Internet Have most Significant Impact on Search Marketers

Matt McGee outlines some statistics that reflect the impact of Google’s algorithm changes on businesses. He finds, in the SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report, that 9/10 search marketers have been significantly affected by changes and the rise of mobile internet/search.

Fred Perrotta, How to Use Social Media for Customer Research

Social media can be a cost-free treasure trove of information on customers according to Fred Perrotta of SME. With the right tools, business owners can see what questions customers have and what types of content they are sharing. Take advantage of this info to increase your relevance in their social experience!

Miranda Miller, Bing Gains More Ground in Search Engine Market Share, Yahoo Resumes Downward Slide

Bing has again grown its share in the search engine market for the third month in a row, Miranda Miller notes. It’s not got market share of 15.9 percent up from 14.7 in August of 2011. This could mean a shift in strategy for SEO and SEM professionals alike.

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