Google is known for making updates to its algorithm regularly. One change in particular seems to have an impact on small business owners. It appears that Google is beginning to show the address and map listing under search results. A quick glance of the result page can be seen below:

google map listing

How and why is this happening? The answer lies within the header of the HTML of the website. The formatting of the header holds the physical address typically in a div class: class=’address’. Google pulls this information and displays what you see above.

It is important to note that even though the map listing is associated with a directory of the listing, the map listing is connected to the Google+ Local page for this specific dealership. I have seen this consistently as long as the information is correct across the board. The micro formatting works for microsites, and even other review sites like DealerRater. It seems that the message from Google is simple: practicing good website code will always pay off.

What does this all mean for us as searchers and search engine optimists? There are a number of reasons why Google might be choosing to show these now. One reason is may be to provide another gateway for searchers to reach Google+. It is plausible considering that Google openly states that it wants to provide a universal web experience where everything is hosted over its platform.

As far as search engine optimization goes, I would consider this a positive. Multiple map listings like this take up more space on page one. It’s an added element that adds additional information and opportunity for engagement enhancing the users experience. Best of all, it pushes competitors further down page one, if there are any, of course. Seems it’s about time to go back through and make sure everything is tidy in your code!

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By Wesley Germain