By Darrah Raneri

As a Social Media Marketer for business, there seems to be a constant focus on finding the best and most efficient ways to leverage all social media platforms. It’s easy to become bombarded by all of the different social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – and can find it difficult to push out unique content on each at the best time every day to complete your social media marketing strategy.

Posting infrequently can be bad, but so can posting too frequently. Finding the happy medium is hard and requires a lot of time and planning. Recently Facebook has discovered a solution to the stress that Facebook administrators (admins) feel when scheduling posts through third-party apps like HootSuite. Facebook’s solution? Creating multiple admin roles for users – and the ability to schedule posts without the use of a third-party app.

Here are the admin roles for Facebook admins as broken down by Social Media Examiner:

5 Admin roles on Facebook

Why Schedule Facebook Posts?

There are many scenarios where preparing and scheduling Facebook posts can be useful. Let’s say you have timely content and you want it to be be released at a certain time, yet you know you can’t get online around that time to post. Or maybe you posted something and immediately after came across valuable content you wish to post. Instead of consecutively posting, you can schedule it out for a later time in the day.

This seems trivial, but it is a miracle for Facebook managers in all industries. As I previously stated, the frequency of posting matters for engagement; too much posting can skew Edgerank. So by scheduling your posts and spreading them out, you can post in a way that benefits your page’s Edgerank.

There is one thing you must do in order to access the Facebook Scheduler: set the date when your company was created.

In order to pre-date or schedule posts, you need to set when your company was founded or launched. You can do so by going into “Edit Page” and selecting “Update Information” then fill in “Start Date & Start Type.”

You are now ready to begin scheduling your Facebook posts!

As long as you have prepared content to schedule, the actual process is simple.

  1. Type in your Facebook post
  2. Click the clock cornered in the bottom left
  3. Select a date and time
  4. Make the post public
  5. Schedule the post.

scheduling posts on Facebook

Once you select “Schedule” you will be directed to your “Activity Log” – a list of your posts and activity from today back to the very beginning. Your most recently scheduled post will appear at the very top. If for some reason you are not directed to your activity log, it can be accessed by going into “Edit Page” and selecting “Use Activity Log.”

The scheduling process can be extremely useful for Facebook page managers, especially in cases where you manage multiple pages each day. I am always looking for ways to simplify my social media marketing strategy while maintaining best practices and the quality of what the company and I continually preach. As long as you proceed to monitor your work, there is a great chance that the scheduling tool will help your strategy too!

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