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Darrah Raneri, Scheduling Facebook Posts Can Benefit Your Business

Posting infrequently can be bad, but so can posting too frequently. Finding the happy medium is hard and requires a lot of time and planning. Recently Facebook has discovered a solution to the stress that Facebook administrators (admins) feel when scheduling posts through third-party apps like HootSuite. Facebook’s solution? Creating multiple admin roles for users – and the ability to schedule posts without the use of a third-party app.

Brian Pasch, The Death Of An Automotive Website Salesman

A year or two ago, dealer conversations were more focused on which website platforms would give them a strategic “edge” over their competition. Today, more conversations Brian is privy to are focused on how sales/profits can improve by focusing on the basic blocking and tackling of lead and call management through efficient CRM software and in-store process.

Employee RetantionGlenn Pasch, Tips For Employee Retention & Training

Get involved with the people of your business. Invest in training. Get rid of “Title Ego.” These are key leaderships tips that employers can put in effect today to get their teams motivated. Glenn offers more great advice in his latest blog post.

Rob Millard, Who Writes the Most Popular Content on Your Blog?

Google Analytics’ Custom Variables may seem daunting for a web marketer with relatively little technical knowledge, but they’re actually quite easy to implement and use (especially if you’re using WordPress). Rob of SEOmoz explains how to easily track blog post authors using Custom Variables and also explores some of the reporting possibilities.

Pamela Vaughan, Why You (Yes, You) Need to Create More Landing Pages

Are you creating enough landing pages to really scale your lead generation efforts? Hubspot’s Pamela explores further into the knowledge that landing pages are indispensable to marketers and states that in the case of landing pages, more is better. Studies show that companies do see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10-15. Check out more interesting facts and tips here.

Gregory Ciotti, 3 Ways to Grow Your Email List With TwitterTwitter Tricks

Do you want more email subscribers? Have you tried using social media to grow your email list? Social Media Examiner’s Gregory offers 3 easy ways business owners can utilize Twitter to grow email lists with qualified leads.

Barry Schwartz, Fake Google+ Local Reviews By SEO Company Backfires

An SEO company was recently discovered to be faking their Google+ Local reviews, some of which had been supposedly provided by leaders in the digital marketing industry. Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry discusses this hot issue.

Erin Ryan, 6 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Mobile apps can help you manage your social media activities with your busy schedule and help you maintain your reputation. Social Media Examiner’s Erin offers 6 free smartphone apps to keep your business active on social media.

Barry Schwartz, Report: Yahoo To Offer Awards To Search On Yahoo

A user on WebmasterWorld forums started a thread in the WebmasterWorld forums claiming that Yahoo is starting an incentive program to encourage users to search on Yahoo. The service will give you points for all searches done on Yahoo. Those points can be cashed in on featured Yahoo service/products. Join the discussion for this potential new offer.

PCG In The Community

Each week, we will showcase how the team at PCG gives back to the community and donates their time and resources to causes they truly care about.Breast Cancer Walk

Mandy Saffer, PCG’s SEO Strategist Walks For Breast Cancer Awareness

One of PCG Digital Marketing’s SEO Strategists, Don Lampert, participated in the 2012 Making Strides of Point Pleasant Beach Walk. Part of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, all proceeds from the walk will benefit the American Cancer Society.  More than 20,000 people gathered to walk along the Jersey Shore for this great cause and raised over one million dollars.

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