Like it or not, people are talking about your business. Whether it is good or bad, it is being said and is most likely being shared online for the world to see. To keep reviews in check, it is key to implement a strategy to maintain Internet Reputation Management, or IRM.

To help businesses maintain their IRM, PCG Digital Marketing is offering a free event titled “Go Digital!” on December 10, 2012 at their Eatontown, NJ office. During this IRM event, many strategies and tactics will be shared to help business owners, managers and marketers take control of their online reputation and build a better business strategy for 2013.

During this free workshop, attendees will learn where people are talking about their business online and how to know if it is under attack. In this case, we will teach business owners how to proactively defend and expand their brand on the Internet. In addition, attendees will learn the best practices for social media reputation as well as the top five strategies that successful businesses use to increase their online sales.

PCG Digital Marketing To Host Free IRM Workshop In December

Go Digital!IRM will help business owners to keep track of what is being said about their business on a number of different platforms in the Internet. For example, the ever growing and popular social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, are filled with customers sharing their experiences at local and national businesses.

Other places customers are leaving their thoughts are on review sites, directories and Google+ Local. It is key that businesses stay on top of what their customers are saying in order to protect their online reputation as well as make their in-house strategies better to help serve their customers.

New Jersey business owners, managers and marketing directors are invited to attend this free workshop at the PCG Digital Marketing office. This free, 90-minute workshop is only available to the first 20 people who register.

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