Mandy Saffer, PCG Digital Marketing Named #40 Fastest Growing Company in NJ


NJBIZ recently announced their rankings for the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey. PCG Digital Marketing is proud to be named as the 40th spot on the list. Companies were ranked by revenue growth over a four-year growth by both dollar and percentage increases.

Ben Jones, 4 Things Not to Do in Video

Effective video content is key to a successful business’ online marketing strategy. Ensuring these videos are creative and engaging is a sure fire way to create a successful strategy. Ben Jones, video editor at PCG, gives advice of 4 things never to do in videos.

Brittany Richter, Tweet and Conquer

Google’s ThinkAuto research reported that only 20% of purchasers started their research with the brand they ended up buying. We know that paid search, display advertising and blog content all influence consumer’s decisions, but what about social media? Brittany of PCG explains how dealerships can use Twitter to their advantage to get more customers.

ScroogledDanny Sullivan, Bing Attacks Google Shopping With “Scroogled” Campaign, Forgets It’s Guilty Of Same Problems

Bing is attacking Google over its shift to a pay-for-play shopping search engine through a new “Scroogled” site, pledging that Bing has “honest search.” Great campaign, if it were true. It’s not. Bing itself does the same things it accuses Google of. It’s also another indictment of how little the FTC is doing to protect consumers from “search results” they might not realize are ads. Danny from Search Engine Land explains.

Patricia Redsicker, 3 Easy Steps to Engaging Your Customers

Are your customers spreading a good word about your business? Are you happy with your volume of referral business? If not, it could be that your “engagement marketing engine” is not revved up. Social Media Examiner’s Patricia offers 3 easy ways to engage with your customers.

Joanna Lord, The Importance Of Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is the measurement and optimization of your marketing activities. Rather than focusing only on your site’s performance like you do with web analytics, you focus on how your marketing efforts are performing, and adjust them accordingly. Joanna of SEOmoz explains why marketing analytics are so important.

Google Panda

Barry Schwartz, Official Google Panda #22 Update: November 21

0.8% of queries in English were impacted by the most recent Google Panda update on November 21. Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry offers his remarks on the latest update.

Dan Zarrella, How to Calculate the Value of Your Social Media Followers [CALCULATOR]

If you’re using social media for marketing and you’re not measuring your dollars-and-cents ROI, you’re doing it wrong. As Hubspot’s Dan’s favorite rap quote says, “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.” Hubspot offers a free calculator to ensure companies are accurately measuring the value of their social media followers.

Kenneth Rosen, NYPD Act of Kindness Goes Viral On Facebook

This article is one that doesn’t focus on best digital marketing practices but more how anything can go viral on the Internet. A police office in NYC bought a homeless man a pair of shoes and the story has exploded over the news and Facebook. Mashable’s Kenneth recaps this incredible story.

PCG In The Community

Each week, we will showcase how the team at PCG gives back to the community and donates their time and resources to causes they truly care about.

JDRF WalkMandy Saffer, PCG Walks For Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the largest charitable supporter of Type 1 Diabetes research and has awarded more than $1.6 million to research since 1970. The Mid Jersey Chapter of JDRF held their annual “Walk to Cure Diabetes” event on October 21, 2012 and one of PCG’s Content Specialists, Nicole, proudly walked and helped to organize the event.

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