Go DigitalMandy Saffer, First Go Digital! Workshop Held By PCG Digital Marketing

December 10, 2012 kicked off a series of free seminars at the PCG Digital Marketing office aimed towards helping local NJ businesses manage their online reputation. The Go Digital! workshop teaches business managers and owners how to build a successful online presence for their brand and maintain a positive reputation.

Brian Pasch, Google Challenge For Car Dealers Who Claim Reviews Are Getting Filtered

Dealers have been seeking answers on how to get valid customer reviews to appear on Google+ Local. There have been a number of bumps in the road as Google changed from Google Places to their latest review platform on Google+ Local. Brian offers recommendations for dealers who want to leverage Google+ Local.

John Feeley, Trademarking a Hashtag? It’s Already Happeninghashtag trademarks

Recently, the Mid-Atlantic Conference, part of the Division 1 level of the NCAA, has filed to trademark the hashtag #MACtion. This raises a lot of questions and debate over the pros and cons of this potential process. PCG’s John breaks down the good and the bad with this hashtag attempt.

Mike Forgie, Captivate Your Audience By Choosing the Right Words

When writing content, it is key to choose your words carefully to ensure they don’t lose meaning. Overusing buzzwords can turn off an audience and underusing “show don’t tell” can result in a negative effect. Mike of PCG offers four important tips for choosing better words when creating content.

WhiteboardingTim Riesterer, Achieve Visual Storytelling (and Sales) Success With Whiteboards

According to Forrester Research, 88% of executive decision-makers want to have a conversation, not a presentation, for sales-related pitches. Accordingly, as a marketer, you should be asking yourself two important questions: What content tools am I going to give to those in the field to tell our company story? And what important insights do my field reps have to share? MarketingProfs’ Tim breaks down “whiteboarding” and how it can greatly benefit businesses.

Peter Meyers, Top 1 SEO Tips for 2013

If we’ve learned anything in 2012, it’s that Google isn’t letting up on low-value tactics. We’ve had the Penguin update, 13 Panda updates (so many that we needed a new naming scheme), and a crackdown on low-quality Exact Match Domains (EMDs), to name just a few. SEOmoz’s Dr. Pete offers his top tip for 2013 SEO in this article.

Greg Sterling, Google Maps Is Back On The iPhone: Native iOS App ReleasedGoogle Maps

Google has released its long-awaited map app for the iPhone. And it delivers all the expected features: voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, traffic, public transit, Street View and so on. Greg of Search Engine Land brakes down the pros and cons of the newest app for iPhone.

AJ Kumar, How to Split Test Your Twitter Marketing

Would you like to improve your Twitter marketing? Are you testing to see what gives you the best results? Traditionally, split testing is a practice that’s applied to individual pages on your website to compare page variations and ultimately determine conclusively which version results in the highest overall conversion rate. Social Media Examiner’s AJ offers a step by step guide to implementing this practice on Twitter.

Amanda Sibley, How to Run a Last-Minute Holiday Campaign Using PPC

Holiday PPCIt’s that time of year again. Time to rush around and find those last-minute (but perfect) gifts, bake that extra batch of cookies, and send out your last set of holiday greeting cards. It seems like just about everyone is rushing around this time of year … including search marketers! Hubspot’s Amanda offers great advice to running a last minute campaign just in time for the holidays.

Barry Schwartz, Crossed Out Keywords In Google’s “Similar Searches”

Steven Weldler posted a possible new Google web search feature on Google+. If you search for a long tail keyword and Google can’t find too many matches, Google will show you “results for similar searches.” Now that isn’t new. What appears to be new, is that it shows “more results for X” and crosses off keywords that it didn’t match on. For example, a search for [long island man jump stan] returns a result from the New York Times and under it shows “More results for long island man jump stan.” Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry explores this topic.

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