Mandy Saffer, PCG Digital Marketing A Proud Contender For Dealer Marketing Magazine Awards

Dealer Marketing MagazineDealer Marketing Magazine has started accepting nominations for their prestigious Technology Leadership Awards. PCG Digital Marketing would like to be recognized in the Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management categories. The 2013 winners will be announced during the NADA conference in Orlando, Florida in February 2013.

Theresa Nolan, A Guide on Holiday Gift Giving for the Boss

The holiday season at work is tricky. Add the pressure of buying gifts for coworkers and things can get especially tricky. It’s not always clear what may or may not be an appropriate gift to exchange in the office, especially when it comes to your boss. PCG’s Theresa offers important tips to picking the right gift for your boss.

naughty-niceGlenn Pasch, Your Business’ Naught and Nice List

If I ask you how 2012 was for you and for your business, what would you say? Great? Good? Brutal? Businesses will look at their balance sheet or their sales targets to decide if 2012 was a good year. Personally, we look at our goals from January 2012 and where we are now and begin the slog of judgment. Glenn delves further into this topic in his latest blog post.

Veronica Maria Jarski, 2012 State of Online Video [Infographic]

In 2012, 456.6 million content videos were watched. 105.4 billion video ads were viewed. 182 million users were watching videos. These reports are record-breaking, according to a recent SundaySky report. What does this all mean? MarketingProf’s Veronica explains.

Google+ CommunitiesMike Delgado, Google+ Communities: What Marketers Need to Know

The latest feature on Google+, Google+ Communities, allows users to collaborate with others on topics they’re passionate about. It’s also a fantastic way for marketers to network, build their brand and engage with their customers and fan base. Mike from Social Media Examiner breaks down everything you need to know.

Rebecca Churt, 7 Common SEO Myths to Throw Out the Window Immediately

SEO has changed so much in the past several years that many marketers aren’t sure what’s outdated, what’s important, what will actually move the needle, and what’s simply a wasted effort. Hubspot’s Rebecca offers 7 common myths that will help marketers in the new year.

KeywordBeth Hayden, A 3-Step Process for Painless Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important types of research one can do throughout a content marketing or SEO career. It can also be one of the most difficult and sometimes frustrating. Copyblogger’s Beth offers an easy 3-step process to help people of any skill level master keyword research.

Greg Sterling, Study Hints At Long-Term Siri Threat To Google In Mobile

Apple Insider is reporting, based on a study by investment firm Piper Jaffray, that Siri today (iOS 6) relies on Google considerably less than it did in iOS 5. A previous study found that Siri used Google or Google data to answer 60 percent of queries. Now that number has dropped to 30 percent. Search Engine Land’s Greg offers insight to these interesting statistics.

Mashable, 21 Hilarious Tweets for the End of the World

Does the thought of the world ending on Friday, December 21, 2012 bum you out? Not to worry, Mashable has complied 21 hysterical tweets that will have you giggling through the supposed end. Check out this funny compilation of tweets all about the Mayan’s prediction.

PCG In The Community

Each week, we will showcase how the team at PCG gives back to the community and donates their time and resources to causes they truly care about.

PRSSA2Mandy Saffer, PCG Writer Visits Monmouth University For Public Relations Society Alumni Day

It’s well known that the team at PCG Digital Marketing is always looking to help those in the digital marketing industry but we’re also committed to help our community in any way. Recently, one of our writers visited Monmouth University to speak with current students about their post-graduation job plans. Read about Jess Eme’s efforts here!

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