Happy Holidays

PCG Digital Marketing, Happy Holidays At PCG Digital Marketing

Read all about the festivities in the PCG Digital Marketing office through the month of December. We also show off pictures from our desk decorating competition and team members getting into the holiday spirit.

Brian Pasch, Car Dealers Are Asked To Take This 60 Second Marketing Test

By the end of 2013, Google estimates that 39% of all automotive queries will come from a mobile or tablet device. With that in mind, Brian invites readers to take a 60 second test to answer one simple question: How strong is your visibility for mobile searches?

CopybloggerCopyblogger, The Best of Copyblogger in 2012

The Copyblogger website is a mecca of information for bloggers, marketers and more. Throughout 2012, they’ve posted hundreds of articles that offer important advice, tips and tricks. Check out some of the best articles from 2012 from Copyblogger.

Danny Sullivan, Only 5% Of News Publishers Use The Google News Keywords Meta Tag

Just over three months ago, Google launched the news keyword meta tag designed to let news publishers have a better chance of ranking for words they might not have included in their headlines. Adoption rate so far? Only about 5% of the sources within Google News use the tag, according to new data provided by Blekko. Search Engine Land’s Danny explores this interesting topic.

B2BPatricia Redsicker, 8 Content Marketing Trends for B2B

Are you wondering if content marketing can help your business? If so, look no further. Patricia of Social Media Examiner offers great advice on how to maximize the top trends in 2012 so B2B marketers can find their focus for 2013.

Scott Krager, An Updated Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools was once Google Webmaster Wasteland. But the past year has been a fruitful one as Webmaster Tools has rolled out improvements faster than Facebook does new privacy statements. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is now full of insightful data and metrics that you cannot get anywhere else. Some GWT data is useful, some is not. SEOmoz’s Scott dives in and takes a look at each tool in GWT.

iphone-5-diet-thinner-apple-funny-ecardMeghan Keaney Anderson, The 5 Questions You Should Ask to Nail Your Product Messaging

Message testing before a launch is a good way to make sure your marketing is on target and your launch is successful. Done well, it can save you from a misguided launch or, worse, an utter flop. Hubspot’s Meghan offers 5 important questions marketers should ask themselves during message testing.

Barry Schwartz, Google Cutts: Links From Press Releases Won’t Help

An old fashion and sometimes often used method today, to get links to your web site, is to use press releases with embedded links in those releases. So you’d contract a press release distribution company and make sure that the content of the release have links to your web site. That release would hopefully be syndicated by other news outlets and those outlets will keep the links intact. Matt Cutts of Google said in a Google Webmaster Help forums that links from press releases shouldn’t have a positive impact on your rankings. Barry of Search Engine Roundtable explains.

MarketingCorey Eridon, 10 Cheesy Marketing Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then and when the joke is about marketing, we tend to “geek out.” Hubspot’s Corey has complied 10 hilarious marketing jokes to get anyone in a good mood and ready for the weekend! We’ll give you a sneak peak: What is a pirate’s favorite piece of marketing content? A webinAARRR!

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