2012 has been a pretty crazy year. With Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook school shooting still on the top of many minds, it’s been easy to forget about those other big moments – such as the Presidential Debates and Facebook going public – that happened in the past 12 months.

But have no fear – countless “Top 10” lists have made looking back on 2012 easy! From the “TeleTop 10 of 2012vision’s Top 10 Moments of the Year” to the “10 Biggest Moments at the Olympics” and countless others, the Internet has a list for just about everything that happened this year.

From social media data to lists that include the news we can’t tune out, here’s a roundup of some favorite Top 10’s of 2012 in no top order.

1. Top 10 Buzzwords: From fashion terms and weather events to acronyms (I’m looking at you, YOLO), 2012 brought about some words that I would prefer not to hear again (once again, YOLO).

2. Top 10 Most Searched News Stories on Yahoo: Here’s where some of the year’s forgotten news headlines are found. How could I have forgotten about the Zombie apocalypse?

3. Top 10 Tech News Stories: Instagram – a favorite app at PCG – has had ups and downs this year and Facebook went public.

4. New Jersey’s Top 10 Feel Good Moments of 2012: For many at PCG, the year will be forever remembered with memories of Hurricane Sandy and what happened to our communities. This outlines some great local events and NJ natives that made national headlines this year.

5. Top Twitter Trends of 2012: The leading Twitter trends were dominated by pop stars and sports with the top spots going to the 2012 Election and the Olympics.

6. Top 10 Google Searches of 2012: What people are searching for on Google is interesting. “Yahoo” was one of the top searches of the year – as was “Google.”

7. Top 10 Tech “Fails” of 2012: From celebrities messing up on social media to Apple updates that didn’t make the grade, there were some tech headlines that just didn’t work.

8. Top 10 Apps of 2012: iPhone apps can help me balance my budget and entertain me while waiting in line. These 10 apps are some of the best available.

9. Top 10 Most Viral Videos of 2012: It’s safe to say that you’ve seen all of these at some point during the year since these are the most share videos of 2012.

10. Top 10 Memes of 2012: Just like the top buzzwords of the year, Internet memes spanned all news topics and were dominant throughout the year.

What did you find to be the most memorable of 2012? Let us know!