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Increase Your Facebook Reach With Text-Only Posts

By Darrah Raneri

For the past few months, businesses have raised concerns over the unexpectefacebook reach dropsd drop in Facebook’s total reach. This sudden shift is due to changes in EdgeRank, the algorithm that determines how often and where fan pages show up in a user’s news feed. EdgeRank has also recently taken into account negative feedback as it relates the visibility of content on a Facebook user’s news feed.

What Is Reach?

Reach is the metric taken from Facebook’s analytics that, accord to Facebook’s definition, measures the total number of “unique people who have seen your post.” In simpler terms, when you skim down your news feed and see a post from a Fan page that you have subscribed to or liked, you have become part of that businesses’ total reach.

Why Is Reach So Low?

As reach drops, so does the connection between Facebook users and Facebook fan pages. Some think the shift may be triggered by Facebook’s need to maximize paid advertising and use space for paid ads instead of photos.

So how do you make your updates show up in your fan’s news feeds? Fortunately, there seems to be a clear-cut solution for now: use more text-only posts.

We don’t know for sure why text-only posts are ranking much higher than links and images, but the evidence rings true. This is an example of a business’s insights that outlines the differences in reach based on text-only posts, shared links and photos.

text only posts

Increasing Reach

Something extremely important to note, however, is that while text-only posts are reaching a broader audience, photos are unquestionably more visually appealing and may receive more likes and shares. So mix it up, throw in a few text-only posts throughout the week along with posts including relevant links and engaging photos.

The social media sphere is constantly evolving, making that spot ahead of the curve harder to reach – no pun intended. Every business has its own unique style based on things like fan base or specific industry. Try to find what works best for your business, but don’t disregard the constant new trends that may affect your marketing strategy.





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