Google+ continues to benefit its users more than almost any other social network with the launch of Communities. If you adopt this new feature early, Communities can be an effective Google+ update for businesses to gain a following.

According to Google, “Google+ communities are places for people to get together and talk about the interests they share. Learn how to join an existing community or create a new one.”

Google Plus CommunitiesSimply sign onto your Google+ account, and look at the left sidebar for the Communities logo.  Google+ will recommend Communities for you, probably based on all the information you have given them through your searches on Google and interactions on the social network itself.

insert picture sample generalEach community is represented by a picture, which is accompanied by the amount of members and the last time it was updated. Using this information you can see where your largest and most active audience is.

How are we going to use Communities to leverage our online presence? We are going to engage the audience! Yup, you need to talk to the people in the Communities because they are specifically there to interact. They are practically begging for you to reach out to them. Don’t pitch, but offer information.

Google Plus Community RulesThere are different rules for each Google+ Community, so make sure you read the moderator’s guidelines. There could be specific sections of the Community area to post under or certain types of content you are not allowed to post.

Now that you have been briefed on this awesome new Google+ update, go out there and interact with some Communities.

By Mike Forgie