Google Plus CommunitiesMike Forgie, Google+ Update: Making Connections Through Communities

Google+ continues to benefit its users more than almost any other social network with the launch of Communities. If you adopt this new feature early, Communities can be an effective Google+ update for businesses to gain a following. PCG’s Mike Forgie breaks down the newest addition to Google+.

Christine Rochelle, #DontVineAndDrive: The Instagram Competitor That Facebook Hates

Vine is a mobile app created by Twitter that allows you to create short, 6-second video clips, or what could be similar to an animated gif. The videos can be shared through the app and through Twitter, using hashtags such as #food, #travel, and #pets. It just debuted this week and its impact has been almost immediate in the social networking world. PCG’s Christine offers great insight on what we can learn from the new social media platform’s immediate success.

Conversion StandardsBrian Pasch, Can The Automotive Industry Create Conversion Standards For Car Dealer Websites?

The topic of conversion is also a delicate conversation because according to AutoTrader sourcing studies, 60-70% of consumers who purchase a car never call the dealership or submit a lead form.  If the majority of car buyers do not submit their information or call the dealership, what other metrics can dealers look at to compare the effectiveness of different website platforms? PCG Consulting’s Brian says it is time to recognize that not all conversions are created equal.

Glenn Pasch, Everyone Should Deliver Luxury Service

If experience was not important and price ruled the day, then why is there a line at Starbucks? Why do we spend countless dollars on Apple products if we did not want to be associated with a brand that delivered excellence in customer service and experience? PCG’s Glenn offers advice on how to take any business’ customer service to the next level.

InstagramRachel Sprung, 5 Ways Marketers Can Use Instagram

Have you noticed how more marketers are using images in their social media marketing? Would you like to know how your business can use the popular sharing site Instagram? In this article, Social Media Examiner’s Rachel will provide five ways to use Instagram to enhance your marketing.

Lenna Garibian, News Consumption: Digital, Mobile and Social Media Trends

According to a report by The New York Times’ Customer Insight Group, most digital news consumers find news information from Web-native sources such as The Huffington Post and Yahoo, but they rely on more traditional news outlets such as the New York Times and CNN for breaking news stories and for news consumed via mobile devices. Check out this article from MarketingProf’s Lenna for more on this important study.

Barry Schwartz, The Grand Slam Google Doodle Bug

Yesterday, Google featured a special Google Doodle for the 94th birthday of Jackie Robinson. The Doodle/Logo rocked but there was a serious issue with it. When you clicked on the logo, the first result that ranked was The .com is the wrong site, the official Jackie Robinson Foundation web site is, the .org. The other site is not official and benefited from all this traffic. Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry breaks down this big error from Google.

Jackie Robinson

Robi Ganguly, Top Three Inbound Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps

“Mobile. The very word makes some of us cringe these days. Everywhere you look in the marketing world, you see signs of it – mobile this, mobile that… Is it just me, or is it a bit overkill?” SEOmoz’s Robi explains that there are currently 750,000 apps in the App Store alone that have over 40 billion downloads. Learn more about three great marketing strategies for mobile apps here.

SuperbowlRachel Sprung, 8 Unlikely Companies Successfully Newsjacking Super Bowl XLVII

Let’s take a look at companies that have nothing to do with the Super Bowl, yet still, somehow, get a lot of attention as the biggest football game of the year approaches. Hubspot’s Rachel breaks down newsjacking and how some companies are greatly benefiting.

John Feeley, OEM Super Bowl Ads Work But Are Dealerships Ready?

The Super Bowl is this week, which means lots of salty snacks, sporting jerseys, rooting for teams and, of course, the infamous Super Bowl commercials. This year, companies will pay a reported $4 million for a 30 second commercial during the big game. How will these benefit car brands, who will spend millions to advertise their cars this Sunday night? PCG’s John Feeley explains.

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