Social media is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication and marketing in our world. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and more, it’s never been easier for users to connect with one another both online and via mobile. PCG Digital Marketing’s Christine Rochelle and Darrah Raneri are proud to host a webinar with DealersEdge aimed at helping auto dealerships de-mystify their social media marketing.

Throughout this important webinar, which will be held on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 1:00pm EST, attendees will learn a lot that they can implement in their dealerships right away. Christine and Darrah will teach attendees where they should focus their time, money and personnel to get the maximum results in their dealerships.

WGB3 | Live February 21 | Christine Rochelle / Darrah Raneri: De-Mystifying Social Media Marketing for Auto Dealerships Not only will dealers learn how to get the best results, they will also learn how social media marketing is slowly replacing SEO as best practice for dealerships. Christine and Darrah will also teach attendees which social media marketing applications are right for their dealerships so they can focus their efforts in the right area. Every social media platform will be broken down and explained so dealers will truly understand their use and individual purpose for social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Webinar Helps Dealers Improve Their Strategies

Darrah Raneri In addition to current social platforms and strategies being discussed, Christine and Darrah will talk about the new trends that are emerging in 2013. They duo will also talk about blogging and will explain how this practice can combine with social media marketing to take any strategy to the next level.

“Dealers are inundated with the next ‘big thing’ in social media every day. We are going to outline the top platforms to work with and how to kick off a strategy within each one,” explained Christine. Darrah continued, “Every dealer who attends this webinar will walk away with new information and will be excited to perfect their personal social media strategy.”

This not to miss webinar is hosted by two of PCG Digital Marketing’s finest in social media. Christine Rochelle is a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant who resides at the Jersey Shore as PCG Digital Marketing’s VP of Operations. Previously, Christine has worked for Star Magazine, HRP,, LifeStyler, Eatontown Patch and Her numerous projects have been featured in The New York Post, Crushable, Get Busy Media, DrivingSales, Wanderlust & Lipstick, and Daily Single.

Darrah Raneri is the Social Media Coordinator at PCG Digital Marketing. She is passionate about finding creative ways to stay on top of new trends in the Marketing industry. Her favorite quote is by Leo Tolstoy: “True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

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