Dealer Marketing Magazine is known for having some of the best thought leaders in the automotive industry write and speak for the magazine. On March 5, 2013 at 11:00 AM, Christine Rochelle, VP of Operations for PCG Digital Marketing, will host a webinar to help attendees create a cohesive and effective social media strategy.

In this webinar, Christine will focus on four elements that can create any dealer’s social media and online presence to the next level: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blogging. By combining these online tools, dealers will learn five steps that will help them create a strategy that makes sense.


A dealership’s blogs and social networks should blend together and work hand in hand. The goal of these assets is for them to work together and not fight one another for unique content or be repetitive just for the sake of posting on social networks.

Important Social Media Strategy Webinar For Dealers

“Dealer Marketing Magazine is a fantastic publication for dealers and I’ve really enjoyed working with their team in the past at industry events. I’m excited to be a part of their new webinar series and look forward to helping dealers develop cohesive social media strategies,” said Christine of her upcoming webinar.

Those who sign up for this webinar can look forward to getting three key takeaways. Attendees will learn how to market to different audiences using social platforms and how this will affect overall marketing strategies. Plus, attendees will learn how to use basic SEO practice through all social platforms to create a strategy for optimal results. Best of all, all attendees will be given a step-by-step guide on how to get engagement on their blogs as well as on the top three social networks, with real dealership examples.

All dealership employees are invited to join Christine in this important social media and blogging-focused webinar. No matter if a dealership needs to improve their existing social media strategy or completely create one from scratch, this webinar will offer the tools, tips and advice needed to succeed online.

Christine Rochelle is not only PCG Digital Marketing’s VP of Operations, she is also a lifestyle blogger and SEO content writer. Additionally, she travels frequently with the PCG team to coach marketing professionals about the power of SEO content, social media, and other digital marketing strategies. She has spoken at eight national conferences in the past two years and has also been invited to speak at three New York and New Jersey university events to educate students on digital marketing and blogging. She has written for or been featured in The New York post,, and

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