By Ben Jones

vineVine, the recently released video social media outlet, is the newest form of online entertainment with potential
for marketing your company. How does a six second mashup of short video on loop lead to business, you ask?

Well, as we always say, content is king — and consider quality video content King Kong.

The simplicity and effectiveness of Vine, much like Twitter, is impeccable. Anyone will take six seconds of their day to watch a short video, just as anyone will read a only140 character tweet if it seems relevant to their interests. Vine is setting the stage for the new marketing video. No one wants to watch a five minute long YouTube anymore. No one has the time or attention span to last that long; it’s sad but entirely true in today’s world of Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake.

Here are five tips to using Vine in your company’s video marketing:

1. Use Vine for branding. Take some interesting and entertaining video around your workplace that shows what your company does and the personnel behind it. Go for a comedic edge here, everyone loves comedy and will be more likely to “follow” you for future videos. There’s no denying the fun personalities of Tropicana with their Valentine’s Day Vine or the vibrant culture at HubSpot.

2. Build trust. Viewers and consumers are more likely to trust a company they can see the ins and outs of than one that has no personality on the Internet. In creating videos featuring coworkers introducing themselves and inviting consumers, the company will immediately build the trust of the viewer.

3. Product demonstrations are ideal for Vine. The six seconds time limit may be a bit of a time crunch, but only showing a glimpse of your product may actually work towards your advantage. Building a buzz surrounding your new product is always important and Vine is perfect for that. Not much is more enticing than a well-produced 6-second teaser video. For example, Nintendo used Vine to show off their Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set.

4. Market your newest promotion or sale with Vine. A quick six second video is probably even more effective when advertising for a sale than anything I can think of on the Internet. Produced well, the viewer is hit with branding, marketing, entertainment, and a promotion all in only six seconds time. If they are intrigued, they just might let it loop and watch it again!

5. Personality. All of these tips essentially tie in to this final “super tip,” if you will. Having an interesting, fun personality on the Internet is ideal for businesses that want to appeal to mass audiences. Using social media is the best tactic for this and Vine is the newest way to take advantage.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, using Vine for marketing purposes is a great idea for your company, so go ahead and try out some of these tips today. Let us know how these tips and practices work for you and your business. Be sure to look for PCG Digital Marketing on Vine, too!