Branding is a difficult task. From color scheme, to typeface, to design development, you are constantly trying to find the best fit for your brand’s message and personality.

Many brands are easily recognizable by their logo without a single word hinting to its source. This is the core of branding. However, at some point we grow bored of our logos, or to stay up with the latest trends or technology we decide to change it.

If you do not have a clear idea of how you would like to rebrand yourself, then take notes from these major brands to jumpstart your online reputation management. Below are a few examples of major brands that have changed their logos several times since their existence, but still manage to stay well branded. How many are you familiar with?

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With these logos in mind we can see the most major jumps were in the early years like Apple’s crest to the actual apple, Mercedes switching to the emblem, or even full name changes like Kodak. This set the stage for what they would be know as for decades to come.

The key to rebranding for trend purposes is for your name or style to be similar to the previous one. Try not to change the colors, but maybe update the design like Pepsi did. Or keep the design and use colors to make the logo reflect the product like the sleekness of Apple’s new design. Simple embossing or highlighting changes will add a refreshed presence.

Branding should definitely be a huge factor in for SEO, SEM, and social media efforts. Online reputation management should be fluid across all networks, so use your logo as a basis for color schemes on your website, profile photos, and so on.
By Mike Forgie