Ben Jones, PCG Digital Marketing: Video Marketing Infographic

Ben Jones is the Video Marketing Producer at PCG Digital Marketing. In this article he explains why video is officially impossible to ignore as an aspect of your business.Video Marketing

Kevin Systrom, Instagram: Video on Instagram

Instagram incorporating video into its platform is one of the biggest stories of the week, and who better to introduce you to it than the Co-Founder, Kevin Systrom. Learn the new features, and start implementing video into your marketing strategy.

Scott Gerber, Mashable: 8 Landing Page Remedies to Boost Conversion Rates

Is your website traffic going up, but conversions and engagement not following? You may have to redesign your landing pages. Take these tips from a panel of successful young entrepreneurs for a quick and easy way to build better performing landing pages.

seo website analysisElena Ferdinand, Skadeedle: A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

Yes, this is a beginner’s guide, but when summer comes around people tend to put their minds on vacation and need a refresher. This guide will take you from putting the codes on your website to understanding the most useful reports and more. No, we do not think you are dumb, but you are busy and these quick refreshers will keep your skills sharp.

Jay Acunzo, HubSpot: How to Turn One Idea Into a Bottomless Backlog of Blog Posts

Do you often get stuck on what you can write about for your blog? Maybe you don’t want to review the newest product and want more original content from yourself. Don’t wait for that muse to appear, get proactive and turn one idea into many posts.

Guy Kawasaki, LinkedIn: How I Manage My Social Media Presence

If you do not know Guy Kawasaki you should start following his Twitter @guykawasaki and looking for videos of his seminars. Guy is a master of social media, and even though we cannot all follow his social media process, we can pick up some amazing tips. This process would be amazing for businesses with a social media department or interns.

Rand Fish, Moz: The Top 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Earn Links

In this video Rand Fish, CEO of Moz, teaches you four effective ways to get links using social media. You may Tweets links to your blog all day long, but if you are not targeting right you could miss out on valuable opportunities for link-backs. Remember, there are editors and social media managers monitoring the web, so attract them!

Ian Paul, TechHive: Bing to Become iPhone’s Default Search Engine

Did you mind explode? Apple is actually teaming up with Microsoft to use Bing, instead of Google, as the default search engine on the iPhone. This was announced during the WWDC keynote, but was not focused on. What does this mean? Keep up your rankings on Bing and make sure you are optimized for mobile!

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomNatasha Lomas, Techrunk: Hands-On with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom, The Smartphone with a 10x Optical Zoom Lens

Whether you are an iOS or Androin user, you should pay attention to what Samsung is doing for smartphones. The Galaxy S4 Zoom features an optical zoom lens just like that of a point-and-shoot camera. This could mean higher-quality pictures on social networks like Instagram, better journalism, and a huge step in smartphone and camera design.

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