“Content marketing” is a phrase that is more popular than ever. You’re not just posting updates on Facebook or publishing a blog post; you’re doing content marketing. You’re publishing content to a targeted audience.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re already doing content marketing – or you’re looking for someone to do it for you.¬†This infographic by Social Ears outlines the importance of content marketing as well as the steps you need to get started in the game of content marketing.

It’s hard to continuously come up with unique content for your audience. You want to come up with something new and exciting. You want to offer them something that matters to them so that they share it. Most businesses are writing company blogs, so now it’s more that just publishing a blog post. The rules are simple so there’s no reason not to be playing the game!

Hrmarketer.com | Infographic | Content Marketing: A Game of Skill