Tara Vitale, PCG Digital Marketing: Explore Your City with the New Google Maps

Our own Project Manager, Tara Vitale, explains how you can capitalize on the redesigned Google Maps. Doesn’t free word-of-mouth promotion seem enticing for simply having your address listed correctly?

Megan Conley, Social Media Examiner: How to Grow Your Google+ Engagement

Google+ isn’t just a social network, it is another spoke in Google’s hub that ties all of its products together. Use these tips to grow your engagement and enjoy Google+ more than you do your other networks.

Steve Rayson, Social Media Examiner: Guide to Content Curation on Google Plus

We are so adamant about you using Google+ that here is another article, only this time it’s how to make it easier for you to stay engaged. You better add us to your Circles, +1, and comment!

Dan Lyons, HubSpot: Inspirational Quotes from the Late, Great Steve Jobs

Damon Lavrinc, Wired: Mercedes Is Testing Google Glass Integration and It Actually Works

“Door-to-Door Navigation” – Yup, your directions don’t end when you get out of your car anymore. Step out of a Mercedes-Benz with your Google Glass on, and you will get the walking directions straight to your destination’s front door.

ProBlogger: Blog Like Hemingway: 5 Writing Tips to Improve Your Blog

“Be brief” and “speak truthfully” are two blogging tips Ernest Hemingway would have approved of. Learn the other three and how to use them correctly in order to write a blog the author would enjoy.

Demiah Farnworh, Copyblogger: How to Write the In-Depth Articles that Google Loves & Beth Hayden, Copyblogger: Why You Should Write Short Articles, Too

You get a two-for-one deal this time because we know you need to produce quality content, and that usually means detailed information. However, we understand not everything has to get dragged out just to reach over 500 words.

Robyn Peterson, Mashable: New Mashable Android App Predicts What’s Going Viral

When the Mashable Velocity algorithm predicts a story is about to go viral, you will get notification. Unfortunately, all you iPhone users will be disappointed the popular site teamed with Samsung to release the app on Android, not iOS.

Drake Baer, Fast Company: Borrow These 5 Smart Startup Habits to Maximize Your Productivity

Sometimes we get very comfortable in our day-to-day lifestyle that we don’t realize how we can be more productive. From simple, free products to take care of monotonous tasks to tailoring your day, these tips will help you get more done in your normal schedule.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher won the teen choice award, and even though he is old enough to play Steve Jobs, the teens still screamed for him. However, his speech was truly motivational and he revealed his actual first name!!!