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Michael Forgie, PCG Digital Marketing: Learn Local Online Marketing Tactics and Hit 5 Hyper-Local Outlets

Hyper-local outlets are perfect places to earn quality link-backs and position your site in front of your target market. Here are five key places to start promoting your content from our Digital Marketing Specialist, Michael Forgie.


Derek Halpern, Social Triggers: Finally! How to Start…Anything

Are you looking to get that blog up and running? Maybe you have an idea to sell more product and think you should wait for the perfect time. Take these tips from Derek Halpern on how to get started with pretty much anything. Watch this video, and read the article for additional tips.


Stan Shroeder/Lance Ulanoff, Mashable: Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

It looks like Samsung beat Apple to the punch on the release of the smart watch. This run down of features and video demo shows the key features of the watch, and the surprising features it has. We didn’t know it has to be attached to a smartphone.


Matthew Barby, Moz: Why Local Business Don’t Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing

In June we feature an amazing article by Matthew Barby on How to Build Links your Your Blog. He is back again with another great tutorial on how local businesses can get large levels of brand exposure on a micro-level.


Bill Faeth, HubSpot: What Exactly Does Google Consider High Quality Marketing Content?

Will two-million unique blog posts published every 24 hours, it seems hard to carve out a spot on Google’s first page. Keep in mind these quality guidelines to better your chances to beat out the other 1,999,999 articles.


Facebook Story Bump



Andrea Vahl, Social Media Examiner: Facebook News Feed Updates: How Marketers Should Respond to Story Bump

Facebook’s EdgeRank now allows stories that are getting more engagement (more likes, comments and shares) to be bumped up in the news feed. Learn how you can get that bump!



Adam Connell, Problogger: 6 Essential Twitter Tools to Find and Connect With Influencers

Getting ReTweets from your friends and family is great, but getting them from those you admire in your industry is even better. Use these tools to find and connect with influencers to gain a little more credibility and popularity in your market.


Daniel Busrstein, Marketing Sherpa: Bottled Lightening: 3 Creative Approaches to Email Marketing

We truly hope you did not rule out email as an effective marketing tool because some companies have gotten a 119% ROI from their campaigns. Email gives you a direct contact to your customers because they voluntarily give you their information. Elevate your email marketing with these great campaigns.


Cade Metz, Wired: With $7.17 Billion Nokia Buy, Microsoft Brings its Trojan Horse Home

Not all of us are Apple users and want to spend thousands on a computer and smartphone that sync. Google’s Android can be confusing to learn because we have no previous experience with the platform. However, Microsoft is coming into the market strong with the purchase of Nokia to make its dedicated Windows phones.


Mario Aguilar, Gizmodo: How Casey Neistat Shot an Amazing Car Commercial With Zero Planning

Do not think you can just grab a camera and shoot your next amazing commercial (you could and it might work though).  This is more of a lesson on how thinking outside your norm can result in something amazing. Forget the standard luxury car commercials, and check out this creative ad for Mercedes-Benz.