unique contentAs writers, we all have a common dream: to be able to sit down every day and bleed our brains’ rhythms onto a page to a captive audience. Typically, though, most paid writers are hired to write pieces with a specific assigned topic. Whether you are writing a blog, press release, or article, there are still ways to lace the words with your voice and let the piece sing your mind’s song. As writers, we become the voice of a company or product, and it’s our job to make it stand out. Our personal voices are a great way to do that.

A Little Detail Goes a Long Way

The easiest way to avoid creating a piece that sounds like it was template-generated is to pay attention to detail. Find a small detail within your subject and describe it. It may be found within the actual topic or perhaps an emotion that can be drawn from it; just start describing it. Forget about word count, keywords and other logistics for a moment, and just write. You can always go back and delete or rearrange, but within that description you will find the delicate balance required to send the message of the topic in a voice that is distinctively yours. Honing in on a smaller detail of a subject can also make your piece more relatable to readers. Latching on to a detail of emotion, for example, can turn an otherwise obscure topic into something that touches a broader scope of readers. See this example: unique content

Each year, new high school graduates pack up their extra-long twin bedding, mini refrigerators and microwaves, and bid adieu to their families and friends as they venture into their impending freshman year of college.

Tearful parents make sure to prepare their soon-to-be college students with advice on staying safe while you enter the “real-world.” The importance of the buddy-system, eating some vegetables with your ramen noodles and dining hall cuisine and the like are usually discussed before the final send-off; however, many parents forget about emphasizing the subject of car care. Whether you drive a brand new car or your parking pass will be dangling from the mirror of your ‘90-something “hoopty,” maintenance is vital to the life of your vehicle. Quirk Pre-Owned, a used car dealer in Massachusetts, has some easy tips to keeping your car healthy while you’re away at college.

While a relatively small demographic may be interested in the proper way to care for your car, a much larger group of readers have experienced the emotions of the freshman send-off to college. Finding a less-obvious detail of the subject that is relatable to essentially every reader will grab their initial attention and lead their eyes to where the real message lies. Remember to let the fine detail focus to dance beneath the surface after the opening and then bring it back to the surface at the conclusion. A strong kicker that encompasses both the message of the subject, as well as the initial attention-grabbing description, will bring your voice to life and make each piece distinguished and personal.

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