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Google Local Reviews Cut In Half Today

By Brian Pasch

The alarm bells were going off today for dealers using ROI-BOT alerts.  It looks like Google engineers made a change to the Google reviews “counter” that shows on Google+ Local listings and in SERPs.   The number of reviews, for dozens of car dealers, were cut in half.  This was a great example why having data monitoring tools for all your online assets and vendors should be in the arsenal of all marketing managers.

As you can see, from the ROI-BOT “Reviews Overview” widget,  just the other day Morrie’s Mazda had 64 reviews on their Google+ Local listing but today the counter dropped to 34.  This drop in reviews is now being reflected in SERPs which for this dealer are shown THOUSANDS of times a month.


Google Reviews Roulette

The good news is that all 64 reviews can be found on Morrie’s Mazda Google+ Local page, if you scroll through list user comments.  The bad news is that the lowered counts will negatively impact traffic generated by Google+ Local.  The reviews have not been deleted, it just seems that the counter is messed up.

Stay tuned for updates on this very critical issue impacting all business owners.  If you would like more information on how to monitor all your vendor and website metrics from a single dashboard, give our team a call.  Ask for Matt O’Such or Mike Lizza for a demo of ROI-BOT.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting



Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch is the founder and CEO of PCG Consulting Inc. founder of PCG Digital Marketing. The PCG companies provide customized marketing and training solutions for businesses that are committed to dominate their local market.

  1. Chris Baccus
    Chris Baccus11-13-2013

    Any idea what the removed reviews had in common? Were they anonymous or bots or some other situation? Thanks

    • PCG Digital Marketing
      PCG Digital Marketing11-13-2013

      No clue right now on the reason….but this is a widespread issue

  2. Alexander Lau
    Alexander Lau11-14-2013

    Ouch! That is one big zit on the face of Google! I’m fairly sure the nerds at Google will fix this.

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