By Brian Pasch

Did your Twitter news feed blow up from tweets from the LA Auto Show (#LAAutoSHow) this week? My twitter feed was very active and what impressed me the most was that the OEM’s were using Twitter to share the excitement of the auto show.

Some OEM’s decided to use organic (free) tweets and others used Promoted Tweets.  I have been testing Promoted Tweets over the past few months, and I will tell you that since Twitter allowed photos in the news feed, Twitter Promoted Tweets are really taking off!

The addition of photos in Twitter posts  has changed the viability of Twitter advertising!

OEM Promoted Tweets

The Chevy Colorado was a very popular discussion at the LA Auto Show, and Chevrolet amplified the discussion with the Promoted Tweet as shown below:


MINI USA was also in the game, promoting the new MINI Hardtop:


And Nissan joined the Twitter advertising party as well:


Twitter Advertising For Dealers

If the OEM’s are using Promoted Twitter tweets for their marketing, then shouldn’t franchise dealers as well?   I believe that dealers should be testing Twitter advertising. My tests over the last 60 days have proven that there is great potential with Twitter advertising.

Actually, I have been surprised how good Twitter has been to promoted PCG.

One of the limitations with car dealers is that  Twitter users are often on a mobile device. The majority of car dealers do not have mobile friendly landing pages.  Most franchise websites are not “responsive” or “adaptive” so mobile clicks are presented with poor conversion pages.

Companies such as Dealer eProcess, Dealer Lab,  and Dominion Dealer Solutions have had responsive/adaptive websites on the market for over a year. is just now rolling out an adaptive website platform, referred to as  their “seamless” website platform.  Other major website providers are waiting until 2014, likely NADA, to unveil their new website platforms optimized for mobile shoppers.

This delay is another reason why dealers should consider Google Wildfire , for social media advertising campaigns, until their website provider updates their platform.

Start Testing Twitter Advertising

With that said, progressive dealers should bet testing Twitter Promoted Tweets.  The targeting options with Twitter are very unique so dealers can be VERY creative.  If you are interested in a discussion on social media advertising, give Matt O’Such or Mike Lizza a call at PCG: 732.450.8200.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting