We’ve been hearing time and time again that in this new age of technology and connectivity through social media it’s key to build relationships with past, present and potential customers. Some people may not believe this to be true but I personally had an experience a few weeks ago of an online interaction that turned me into a loyal customer.

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Here’s a brief background: I frequently visit Hoboken, NJ and have fallen in love with the town. While I have not had the chance to visit every boutique and restaurant in the Square Mile City, I follow many of the businesses social media accounts to learn about their brand and to get a heads up on special events and sales.

While scrolling through Instagram one evening, I spotted a post from a jewelry store that caught my eye. I commented on the photo with excitement, asked the price and said I would come in to see it in person.

A few days later I stopped into aaRaa on my way home. After walking in, I explained about the necklace on Instagram and the owner not only remembered who I was but was thrilled I had actually come in. They found the necklace and made me feel like the best customer they’d ever had.

When I finally made my way up to the register, I was happily surprised to see they were giving me 10% off, perhaps for being a new customer. In addition, I was also given a customer appreciation coupon for 10% off my next purchase.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 10.56.21 AMLater that night, the owner commented on the photo thanking me for my business. That gesture was the cherry on top that cemented my love for aaRaa.

Pay attention, small businesses!

Not only do these experiences remind us to shop local and support those in our community who deserve a line of customers around the block, they prove how interacting with your customers (past, present and future!) is crucial with the always-rising presence of social media.

So remember: monitor your social channels, respond to all comments, both good and bad, and frequently post quality, engaging content to keep fans up to date with your brand.

Do you have a similar success story with a customer or a business? Share it below!