One of the fastest-growing business trends of 2013 was the widespread adoption of content marketing to boost your online presence. It’s easy to sit back and think that any employee with a keyboard and a blog can help you develop a reputation, but the New Year is bringing new expectations to this growing field.

When it comes to social media, blogging, or any other type of content, several businesses make the mistake of placing quantity over quality. At the end of the day, making your limited words count is far more powerful than constantly posting dull, unimaginative content throughout the web.

So how can you get your business on the right track in 2014? Leading experts in the content marketing field have already identified several shifts to come.

Content marketing 2014

Most importantly, quality content will be at a premium as the industry moves forward, rather than simply stuffing relevant SEO terms into a few paragraphs of useless banter. As SEO algorithms continue to advance, goals will have to shift toward gaining the attention of readers with original and interesting posts.

Part of this focus on quality will be found in the use of video and sound in addition to images, interacting with the reader to keep them engaged throughout a post. Music and video can help keep readers involved with the page from start to finish, which will also help companies move away from cheap, click-centric content.

Aim for Value, Not Just Numbers

As content marketing becomes more advanced in 2014, a change in thinking may be just as important as a change in practices. Rather than simply shooting for numbers and metrics to boost your online presence, true quality in content will be seen as providing a service for your readers and followers with what your post.

To get the most out of SEO-related content, businesses will have to find their niche and flash their expertise with relevant and interactive updates. With so many options for online media at their fingertips, bloggers and writers can support their work like never before with engaging visuals and sounds.

There’s an old adage in sports that statistics don’t always tell the whole story, and the same can be said of online analytics. As the industry shifts to quality content, don’t get left behind with the same old ideals from 2013.

Instead, lead the charge and take advantage of everything that’s available to you. It’s 2014, after all, so that intern with a laptop just won’t cut it for much longer.

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