PCG Account Manager Sean Feiring recently went to NADA 2014 with the PCG team. Here are his three big takeaways while on the road:

1. An increase in transparency with reporting:

The ability to take all metrics and put them into a report that for the Dealer Principle, General Manager or Internet Manager to review and understand is becoming more and more important. There is so much more information and education happening each year that reports must be more fine tuned, detailed and really show that ROI for your marketing and advertising dollars.  They want to see exactly what is working and not working for their dealerships to make informed decisions.

While in the PCG booth, I was asked numerous questions regarding our reporting: “What are you doing to improve your metrics? What is new within the digital industry that really shows that you’re looking to improve the transparency with your reporting metrics?”

Are these some common questions you ask yourself or even your current vendors?

2. Providing actionable data:

I received many questions in regards to actionable data.

“I get all of these reports yet I don’t know what to look at in them.  I don’t know how one digital strategy is affecting another.”  These were common comments that I was receiving from dealers within the PCG booth.  Do you ever experience these thoughts when reviewing your reports?

When looking at these new and improved reports, we need to make sure that the data within these reports tells a story – a story of what we did and the results. Was there an increase or decrease in traffic? Why? How is one strategy affecting another, and how can we take this data and really use it to our benefit?

3. Quick thinking pays off:

Everyone who attended NADA knows that feeling: your feet hurt from standing for hours on that hard cement carpet, your voice is shot from all the demos and questions regarding your services, products and how your company operates.  The conference comes to a close and you think to yourself, “It was a great show and great experience, but now it’s time to get home.” All at once, everyone in the hall checks their phone to see that ALL flights are canceled and with the unusual and unexpected ice and snow in the south, there was no way out of town for most.

Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting, had a great idea: “Let’s turn these lemons to lemonade,” he said.  As a result, the “Digital Marketing Roundtable” was born.

I was finally able to see Brian in action within a small group of about 25 dealers and vendors to hear about the industries biggest questions, obstacles, and any solutions that these great minds would have in an open floor forum. Not only did everyone within the roundtable take some positive feedback from the experience I was able to really see first hand the importance of getting together in small group setting and really churning out the details of how to make process and dealerships better.

The initial reaction of complaining and being upset that you’re not going to get home anytime soon is somewhat normal, but, as we learned, quick thinking can turn that negative into a positive experience.

Yes, this about sums up NADA 2014. Reporting and actionable data are going to be really important parts of a digital strategy in 2014, but at the end of the day, the knowledge of what quick thinking can do is worth bringing home.