We all have moments where we write “2000” or some earlier year on the dateline; I personally seem to be stuck in 2011. But like it or not, 2014 is in full swing and although 2011 is just a few years behind us, it seems like light years away when you look at how much has changed in the marketing industry.

ExactTarget, a salesforce.com company, recently created an info graphic that shows how advanced today’s marketing tactics really are, especially if you are stuck in the early 2000’s or, even worse, the 1960’s!

Modern Marketing: A Bold New Frontier [INFOGRAPHIC] - ExactTarget Infographic

If looking at the chart above gave you any doubts, worry not. At PCG Digital Marketing, we have all of the new-age marketing Crew Members on board and we have already explored the New Worlds listed in this graphic. To us, marketing is exciting and we do not shy away from discovering and mastering the most cutting-edge tactics.

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