You’re lounging on a beautiful, sunny beach, watching the lazy waves roll in and out. You’re in paradise and all you feel is absolute serenity. As you gaze toward the horizon, you can see dolphins bobbing through the chop, the smell of the sea salt stings your nostrils. Suddenly, you hear a faint noise that sounds as if it may be a cargo ship in the distance blowing its horn. It’s becoming louder, though, transitioning from a soft brass-like sound to a sharpened, beep-beep-beeping.

Then, you open your eyes and reality smacks you square in the face; that beeping noise is your alarm clock. It’s Monday morning.

If you are a member of the workforce, you most likely deal with the same harmful effects of Mondays as everyone else. You fight the cumbersome force of slumber as you surface from beneath your fortress of sheets and, for a brief moment, you are jealous of your dog snuggled at the foot of your bed.

Since time-travel has yet to be perfected, there are other ways to combat the side effects of the inevitable first day of the week, starting with breakfast. Experts say that eating the right breakfast on a Monday morning can set the tone for the entire week. And hey, until they get that time-travel thing down, it’s worth a try.

PCG Breakfast of Champions

Choosing a healthy, balanced breakfast on those sluggish Monday mornings will give your body the fuel it needs to take your mental capacity to its peak.

Studies show that eating a healthy meal in the morning not only gives you a boost in energy, but it can improve your memory, concentration, and aspects of mental performance. This is especially beneficial on a day like Monday, when most people are coming off of a weekend of dining out and uninterrupted sleep.

So, now that you understand why you need to eat a healthy breakfast, here are some simple, yet tasty ideas to start your week on the right foot:

Scrambled eggs. While this may be one of the most time-consuming choices on the menu, an egg packs a ton of protein. Protein helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied, while also providing benefits, like improved mental function. So, the extra 10 minutes are worth it.

Smoothies. Smoothies and juices are really great ways to load up on all of your vitamins and proteins for the day in one easy and fast meal. Using ingredients like bananas, almond butter, and spinach will give you the boost you need to power through the day and turbocharge your week.

Fruit. Looking for a premade, grab-and-go kind of meal? Fruit is an easy and delicious choice that requires little-to-no preparation. Keep in mind that certain fruits are better than others for a Monday breakfast. Bananas are filled with protein and potassium, while oranges give your body the blast of vitamin C it needs to ward-off any viruses that could ruin the rest of your week.

Instead of focusing your energy on how much you loathe Mondays, let’s redirect it and use these mornings to refuel, regroup, and kick start the work week.

If that doesn’t work, then remember: Friday is only four more days away.