Think back to the days when the Oscars were broadcasted without social media.

I must admit, I’m only 24 and don’t remember watching the Oscars without my hand glued to my phone but I can imagine: you watched the show, went to bed and discussed it over the water cooler at work the follow day and read about it in the paper.

My, how things have changed.

After the 2014 Oscars, there is no one pivotal moment; even from the red carpet previews, the Internet was abuzz about Jennifer Lawrence falling… again. During the show, not one single moment simply stole it all: Pharrell wore his oversized hat, Ellen ordered pizza for the stars, they took a pretty epic selfie, John Travolta embarrassingly mispronounced Idina Menzel’s name and Clarins got the best free advertising for a product from Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita.

What made these moments stand out during the 3.5 hours of the show? Social media, particularly Twitter. Ellen exclaimed on TV she wanted her selfie with fellow actors Meryl, Julia, Bradley, Jen, Brad, Angelina, Jared, Chad, Lupita and Kevin to be the most retweeted tweet of all time. She not only shattered the record within the hour, her tweet had 2,093,848 times as of 12:05 AM EST, which blew the former record holder, the President of the United States’ number, way out of the water.

What exactly am I getting at, besides just how powerful social media has become? That your business needs to be on it. You don’t have to be a top account to reap the benefits of such “tweetable” moments like the Oscars. Now is the time to showcase the human side of your brand and interact with your fans and followers about the night’s conversation.

How Your Brand Can Use Twitter To Talk Real Time

Perhaps you can fit your product into a buzzed about moment:



Or you can use your staff to put a fun spin on it:


Or even give your viewers a different approach to the event altogether that ties back to your brand’s message:

Even if your business isn’t relatable to what’s going on, there’s a chance your fans are engaged and tuned into it and you can interact with them and relate:


The bottom line is, the Oscars (and many pop culture and newsworthy events) prove just how relevant social media really is for any brand or business. Now is the time to invest in it and use it as it is no longer an option, but a necessity.

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