Big Brothers Big Sisters

The month of February is known for being all about the love and that sentiment really caught on here at PCG Digital Marketing throughout all 28 days. We are proud to show the love to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex Counties as well as our whole team of awesome employees!

During the week of Valentine’s Day, we held a donation drive and raised $160 to donate to a charity of one team member’s choosing (more on that soon!)

Showing the Love at PCG

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day in high spirits with a bake off and a customized crossword puzzle contest.

The Valentine’s Day crossword puzzle helped us to learn more about each other, with questions such as, “What is Mel’s guilty pleasure?” and, “What is Stan’s least favorite food?” Showing the love to each other was easy and fun but the stakes were high for the crossword puzzle contest, because whoever won by completing it first got to choose where the money from our week-long donation drive went.

Project Manager Laura Bonawits completed her crossword puzzle before anyone else and chose Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex Counties to be on the receiving end of our donation drive. Big Brothers and Big Sisters is dedicated to providing local children with the mentorship needed for a happy and successful future and our team was proud to present a check to help their efforts with local kids.

PCG’s newly appointed team building committee, comprises  Tara Vitale, Becca Ennis, Mandy Saffer and Sam Dillon (respectively, as pictured above) visited the Asbury Park office to personally deliver the check.

February marked the first month of the committee’s efforts to provide at least one fun and productive activity for the team during each month.

bake off

To end the day on a sweet note, we celebrated with delicious treats such as red velvet and Oreo truffle bars, sugar cookies, anatomically correct heart cupcakes, and many other goodies during our PCG Bake Off. All baked goods were judged on taste, Valentine’s Day theme and uniqueness; three participants won but everyone who judged ended the day feeling like a winner.

Our whole team didn’t shy away from showing the love this month. Stay tuned throughout the rest of the year to see how we’ll keep it going!