spring trainingEach February, the Yankees pack up and spend two months training in warm, sunny Tampa, Florida. Spring Training allows players to prepare for the grueling 162-game season ahead as they stretch, run throw, take batting practicing and do drills. Eventually players are warmed up and ready to play ball.

During these long, cold months, motivation in the office can be at a lull – and we don’t blame you! You want to settle into a routine where you get in, get your work done, and get out with hopes of seeing the last of the sunshine, plus it’s been an especially terrible winter in the North East. But now is the time to get in gear and prep for spring with a revived outlook in life, both in an out of the office.

Just like baseball players, you need to warm up and practice before stepping up to the plate. Unfortunately, you don’t get to do this in Florida like the pros, but here are some tips to warm up your motivation and get back into the swing.

Treat your body right. To keep a sharp mind and high energy throughout the day, you should fuel your body with the right foods. Snacking on foods like trail mix, fruits, vegetables and popcorn will keep your feeling more energized than if you were bogged down with snacks full of sugar or carbs, which will bring you down just as fast as they bring you up.

Be more active around the office. Don’t focus only on what you put in your body but also what you do with it! When you’re bundled up in layers of clothes and constantly have a big mug of coffee in front of you, it’s easy to stay at your desk the entire day. Instead of communicating via email, get up and talk to a coworker about a project. Face to face communication will help to stimulate your brain and walking around the office will help to get the blood (and creative juices) flowing.

Get the blood flowing outside the office. While it’s key to move around the office anywhere from every 30 minutes to every hour, keeping in motion before or after hours will keep everything in check. Do some yoga poses in the morning or hit the gym after work. Even without a membership, you can do quick, easy and equipment-free workouts, like this one from PopSugar Fitness. Working out will not only strengthen your body, but help to clear your mind and give you a positive outlook, give you more energy throughout the day and even make you feel more confident in your appearance, which will translate to confidence in other areas of your life!

Surround yourself with bright things. If you’ve got a cubicle or desk, add some brightly colored decorations to keep your motivation up. Pinterest is the go-to for great decoration ideas and can give you more ideas than imaginable.  When you surround yourself with colors like red, orange and yellow, your mood will stay up and you’ll feel a sense of happiness that will help to keep your focus high and productivity strong.

Surround yourself with bright people. By bright, we mean smart AND happy. Chances are your coworkers are already highly thought and are good at what they do. To keep morale, energy and productivity up, make sure they are happy just like you. Plan an office happy hour, get a group together to see a movie or even take a Friday lunch trip to a local restaurant. These will keep spirits up and also help to bond with coworkers, which will lead to more collaborative efforts and overall success down the road.

Spring Training is in full swing and now is the time to start warming up with these tips now so you’ll be ready to run the bases at full speed.