March PCG Webinar

Join PCG Digital Marketing on Thursday, March 20th for the free webinar, “How to Evaluate Your Employees to Get the Most Out of Their Performance!”

This free session will start at 1 pm EST and will be co-hosted by PCG’s Director of Business Operations, Melanie Ferrato, and PCG’s Content Team Manager, Samantha Dillon.

During this one-hour educational session, you will learn how to help your employees grow in their positions and how to get the most out of their talents. The session will provide tips on how to define your employees’ roles, how to define goals and deadlines, how to identify KPIs, how to evaluate performance, how to hold your team accountable and more!

If you manage a team, your employees should be your priority. Don’t miss this great session where you will learn how to get the most out of your most valuable assets. To register, please visit

About the Presenters

Melanie Ferrato is the Director of Business Operations at PCG Digital Marketing, overseeing more than three-dozen employees. Samantha Dillon is the Content Manager at PCG Digital Marketing, overseeing the largest team of the company.

Managing such large groups, both Melanie and Samantha are pros at getting the most out of a team of talented people. Join them this month to learn how to empower your employees and get the most out of their skills.