Do all clients matter? The simple and inarguable answer is YES! Whether big or small, all clients matter. Every client you serve and produce results for is important no matter how much revenue they generate. They came to you for a reason – to get results – and it’s your job to provide that.

Here are three reasons why you should be giving all clients equal attention.

1. All clients can publicly share how successful or not you are on their goals.

client successClients are a vital part of your business’s reputation as well as your own reputation. Clients that are happy with you will share their success with anyone who wants to listen. Don’t be afraid to ask for a quote that can be used for your company’s client review pages. Clients that like your personal management style will also give you positive comments that you can share online, such as on LinkedIn.

Publicly shared  positive comments from clients provide a valuable trust factor. People want to do business with people they like and trust. These positive statements are planting seeds for not only your company, but also you!

2. They can be the reason more clients come your way, as you never know who is in their circle of influence.

Clients have many influences in their work and personal circles. You never know who they can reach with their comments online or offline. You have to be mindful that all clients matter because they potential reach they have to influence others- both positive and negative!

Clients that come your way through your current contacts will expect the standard that has been set as well. You are now a connection between them and the person that leveraged their decision to do business with you. Clients big and small have a major impact on you and your business.

3. It’s your job to make each client feel they are getting 100% of YOU!

Clients are the reason you are in client services. You have to bring your passion and your A game! I have been in client services for over 20 years and I definitely have a passion for it. I am my clients’ biggest cheerleader and coach.

I also allow myself to be a student who wants to learn when challenged so that I can be the best for all my clients. Clients of all sizes can challenge you and elevate your skills to a new level.

Bring your passion to each and every conference call or meeting you have with a client. Understand your clients’ expectations. They need and want measurable and actionable data. Are you showing them through action and tone that you are focused on their success? They want to know you have their back when they are too busy trying to achieve their daily objectives.

Remember, you are steering their ship and need to keep it on course so that your clients’ journeys with you are successful ones.

steering clients ship