Google used to be all about search, but recently it’s becoming well known for its useful tools. There’s much more than just Google Calendar and GChat, though.

There are oh so many apps and tools available – some are for fun, some are for work – and I wanted to share some of the tools that help me keep organized, explore new ideas and add creativity in my daily activities.

Google Keep


Google Keep might look like just a notepad, but it offers so much more.

Google Keep supports the typical text note as well as photo notes, voice notes, phone numbers and checklists. I enjoy the memo notes for times on the go, which, for me, is most of the time.

But even better — it allows you to save the notes directly to Google Drive, and then access them again on any other web-connected device you use.

Keep even supports Google Apps accounts, so you can use it with your own domain or a business account.

Google Helpouts

Google-help-outIf you turn to YouTube for help, Google Helpouts is perfect for when you really, really need help. Google Helpouts is informational YouTube videos on steroids, but with a small fee attached.

Professionals in the field as opposed to tips give the advice from anyone who believes they are experts. I am in no way knocking the tips videos on YouTube as I do look to them for assistance on many tasks, however, there are times when I not too sure about the advisor and would like a professional’s opinion. Learn everything from fashion tips to how to play music, computer help to cooking tips and even how to be a perfectionist.

If you happen to fit the criteria of an expert, you too can become a part of Helpout and share your knowledge.

Think Insights

Google-think-insightsHaving one of those days where you cannot get your brain? Allow Google to do the thinking for you.

Think Insights is a resource essentially for marketers, but there are uses for other industries as well.

Thing provides the “latest research in digital marketing” and “industry-leading case studies” and includes Google’s latest research, strategic perspectives, interviews with innovators and experts and more.

Full Value of Mobile Calculator

Mobile is not the future – mobile is today!

There are roughly two billion PCs in the world and more than five billion mobile devices. Don’t fool yourself into thinking mobile is a secondary way of shopping!

A mobile-friendly site is the cornerstone of any mobile strategy and makes it easier for your customers to purchase directly from their smartphones.

Located in Google Think is the Full Value of Mobile Calculator, a tool to calculate things such as:

  • How many of your in-store sales started in mobile
  • How your customers are using multiple devices to buy from you and how to value these sales
  • How the sales on your mobile site drive value for your business
  • Seeing if phone orders originate from mobile ads

Google Fonts

If you’re looking to spruce up your site, a new font may be the way to go. Google Fonts offers a variety of fresh fonts that are free and easy to make part of your current collection.

A few personal favorites:

  • Shojumaru


  • Waiting for the Sunrise


  • Griffy


The next time you need a little inspiration or a break in your workday, look into all of the other tools that Google has to offer.