Writer’s block can hit at any time and, unlike that 3 o’clock slump, a cup of coffee is never enough to help overcome it. Not caffeine but inspiration is the much-needed cure to this dreaded condition. Worry not though, because when those unimaginative moments do hit, there are places to look that can help to get those wheels turning and steer your creative genius back on to its rightful track.

content-writing-InspirationBelow are three places you can turn to for inspiration whenever writer’s block hits:

1. Your bookshelf

If you are a writer, you likely have an insatiable appetite for well-written pieces. Blogs, books, magazine articles- whatever your collection of favorites consists of, go to it often.

You may not have anything sitting on your bookshelf or saved in your bookmarks that relates to what you have to write about, but just reading a well-written piece is one of the most stimulating things a writer can do.

2. Away From Your desk

Yes, deadlines are tough. If one is nipping at your heels, it is hard to walk away from that blinking cursor, but sometimes this is a much-needed risk to take.

Have you ever heard the saying, “A writer is working when he’s staring out of the window?” There’s a lot of truth in this statement. Some of my best ideas come to me when I am not even thinking about writing- or thinking about anything, for that matter.

I might be on a run, in the shower, or just driving around and all of a sudden my creative genius speaks up. The point here is to clear your head. You may be over thinking it! Take a little break and your inspiration may just find you.

3. Your teammates

Do not overlook this seriously valuable resource that is just a few feet away from where you are sitting right now.

Try checking out an article that one of your coworkers has done on a similar subject matter. Seeing how someone else approached the topic will be eye-opening. You may not have realized that the angle your coworker took on a subject could be so riveting. Reading a topic from a different point of view may motivate you to tackle the idea from a different perspective than you had originally planned.

If your coworkers have not written about a similar topic, ask them their opinions on your assignment. Again, you could be over-thinking it and a fresh set of eyes will bring to light a lot of great ideas.

Next time you are feeling uninspired, give these tips a try. Just be sure to take advantage if the renewed creativeness you find and start writing!