By Brian Pasch

My brother Glenn does an excellent job in writing about customer service and building teams to deliver a first class experience.  I came across this graphic and I decided to take another angle on the word SERVICE.

Businesses have many choices on where to spend their marketing dollars as well as hundreds of agencies that will gladly help them spend that money. In the automotive industry, car dealers are bombarded with phone calls every week from digital companies claiming that their existing vendor “sucks.”  In fact, some General Managers tell me that they get over 10 calls a months offering some type of digital “pitch.”

What still puzzles me is that after the digital pitch yields a dealership contract, why do so many digital companies deliver such poor follow-up?   Dealers who are reading this article, please chime in with a comment below and let me know if I’m on point.

There is a tremendous amount of energy and resources invested in the “dating” phase by the “A team” but after the marriage, the “C Team” is assigned to support the dealer.

What Defines Service In Digital Marketing?

Most companies offering digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, and Social Media Advertising will claim that they have cuStomer friEndly suppoRt.  That takes care of the first three letters of the word SERVICE, but what is often missing is the definition of the last four letters representing timEly,posItive, preCise, and innoVative coaching. Digital marketing is a team strategy and any agency that thinks that they can craft a successful digital strategy without frequent dealer communication is in the wrong vertical.

Too often I am told that dealers get a general call, reviewing monthly numbers, without any precise recommendations.  Does your digital agency call proactively and suggest innovative ideas?  If you follow my blogs, you know that I am always sharing new strategies for online marketing and of course our clients benefit from my timely ideas. 

Dealers who are reading this post, when was the last time you took the time to write a positive note of praise to your marketing partner? The right partner will motivate dealers to feel good about their digital marketing investments because the SERVICE element of the partnership includes education on the “WHY” behind their choices.

A Recent Customer Note

I love getting positive emails from our clients, and this was recently came across my desk:

Now that I’m a client, I’ve been working closely with Kwasi Asare-Darko and Anthony Freda and want you to know how helpful and professional these gentlemen have been so far.  I’m a high-maintenance client, as I take an active interest in SEM and SEO.  I don’t just sit back and let my vendor do all the work without paying close attention to what’s going on.  Because of this, I ask many questions.  Anthony and Kwasi have been right there to guide me through the entire transition and answer all of my questions, making me feel completely comfortable and helping me develop better knowledge of the system.  Very good people to have on your team and certainly impressive to a new client.


Are You Ready For Real Customer Service?

We don’t have a big salesforce at PCG and that is by design. We sign up more customers from inbound calls than outbound sales calls.  Our goal is to educate dealers and let the ones who want to be with a progressive agency call.  We do, however, have a very strong commitment to supporting our clients after the sale.

David Kain, founder of Kain Automotive, once told me something that I will never forget.  He shared that he didn’t want to grow too big and deliver poor customer service.  He in fact told me that he preferred to be “powerfully small.” That really stuck with me and David’s success and respect by our peers is clear that this is a winning strategy.

So, if your dealership is looking for a digital marketing agency that is powerfully small, with market leading innovations and powerful strategies, then I would suggest that you give Mike Lizza from our sales team a call at 732.450.8200.

Don’t you deserve innovative ideas, timely support calls,  proactive and precise recommendations, from a team of positive marketing professionals that are aligned with your success? 



Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting